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  1. Rafael Gallardo

    Cleaning video please!

  2. Никола Кушев

    Yesss please make a video on how to clean the white sneakers

  3. Sagardip Choudhury

    yes video on cleaning up those white sneakers

  4. Eli Rodrigues

    Yesss! Please do the video on cleaning and maintaining white shoes brother!!

  5. Yes, video on cleaning and maintaining them PLEASE

  6. how tf do you get slim legs

  7. Yes Alex, we want a video teaching us how to take care of white sneakers

  8. Check out the Cole Haan Crosscourt leather ones, so clean

  9. Matteo Stefenato

    Yes, making a video of sneakers cleaning will be amazing

  10. Now, if only I had money to spend..

  11. eyy the arigatos got the same one.
    A tip I usually put the knot under the tongue of the shoe to make it look even cleaner

  12. novaplayerA73

    my personel i dont like any of them i havd the nike air max in white i think that one is very cool (no disrespect)

  13. Jocelyn Bartolome

    I would really like a video on cleaning/maintaining white sneakers, thanksA

  14. Kazuto Kirigaya


  15. Yeah sure please make a video on that..

  16. Respect from tunisia

  17. Nice collection ;). I got one pair of Stan Smiths beacause of one of your recent videos and i love them. Thank you Alex <3

  18. yeah i totally want to see you cleaning white sneakers!!!

  19. Sunny Swetabh

    Absolutely Alex post a video to maintain sneakers… I'm probably the worst in keeping clean sneakers

  20. Rahul Kanthariya

    Sure i have lots pair of white shoes, i wanna know how to make them new …………….tnx

  21. Yes please do the sneaker maintenance video

  22. Tashi Tsering

    I have been wearing 4 of the shoes u recommended. I guess I m not that bad in my choice

  23. Naqqash Latif

    Could pick all of them. If anything, I'd swap the Vans for Kurt leather sneakers from New Republic. No hate for the Old Schools though. And yes, a video on shoe maintenance would be awesome.

  24. Prosper Mensah

    like them

  25. Hans Friedrich

    What do you think about the nike court royal?

  26. Emerson Pineda

    Yes make a video explaining how to clean white sneakers ❤️please

  27. Yes… Please make a video on cleaning white sneakers…

  28. Yes! A video on keeping them white and clean would be helpful aha

  29. Mike Villanueva

    What about a video of black sneakers as well!?

  30. Wahab Shaghasi

    I bought the first 2. And I can say they are very very good

  31. Please make a video on cleaning white sneaks!

  32. Tal Ben shushan

    Make a how to clean Sneakers

  33. How do you get to wear denim jacket in the summer?
    Man, I live in Texas and it’s 100 degrees everyday and humid as hell. 10 Minutes outsides and you are already sweating like crazy.

  34. Adrian Garcia

    Can't go wrong with the Common Projects.

  35. yah you should

  36. Love your vid and you men❤️

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