Best White Sneakers for Men 2019 | Must Have White Shoes!

Best White Sneakers for Men 2019 | Must Have White Shoes!

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  1. My favorites will forever be the Adidas NMD R1 all whites. Love the look, feel and versatility they bring my everyday life

  2. Mitchell Mahony

    oliver cable is another great mid/luxury brand

  3. I live in the us and I order blumaan for the first time Saturday & im still waiting for email/txt to know that my order is on its way , does it usually take that long ?

  4. Where'd you get the trousers the one you wear with the slip ons

  5. hey, what are the jeans youre wearing in the thumbnail?

  6. what about greats royale, new republic kurt, converse jack purcell, beckett simonon ried, oliver cabell low 1, suit supply white sneaker?

  7. High School Fashion

    I’ve actually had those 20 dollar ASOS ones. It was good because I could wear them without stressing about them. Def recommend!

  8. New Republic White sneakers look very similar to Common Projects and are only $60

  9. Nice outfit where'd you get it?

  10. hot day today

  11. On premium brands, I've recently been considering a pair of Arigato, but I might have a look at the Koio instead, they look really nice. Maybe you could have included a pair of Grenson in your video too. They're similar priced to the Arigato but I'm pretty sure they're handmade too.

  12. Danny Villamizar

    which one is more comfortable between the last 2 premium leather sneakers

  13. No branding with a shoe of over 200 bucks? If you drop that money for a shoe might as well let people know imo.

  14. Maurice de Best

    Joe, what is the pants that you were wearing at 3:42 ?

  15. vans old skool true white
    vans slip on true white

  16. Reagan Fellows

    Joe is wearing some Robbie rotten pants.

  17. Oliver cabell is a nice looking white leather shoe

  18. The longer I watched, the more I gotta say ….. you know nothing about fashion lmao stay with hair.

  19. Nahh your channel is men’s hair , stick to it. Fashion is definitely not your thing

  20. Beetlejuice Luther King Jr

    Nah, just get heelys

  21. Wyatt Russell

    Do another wall mart hair products review thing again

  22. I like White sneakers because I can rock them with anything
    I mean all pants

  23. Why doesn't he have a UK accent?

  24. Rory O'Connell

    Check out New Republic too

  25. Garrett Marshall

    where did you get the jeans you wore in the thumb nail? i’m looking for tapered jeans similar to these

  26. Noah Ahmed Cavazade

    White sneakers ?

    RACIST @!!

  27. Check out the new republic Kurt sneaker. Clean leather design, but with a $90 price tag.

  28. Joe, love the vids. Could you do what Alex Costa does, and let us know what your wearing and a link to the products if available?

  29. i thought you were hair stuff only
    guess i was wrong

  30. Omkar Dandawate

    You didn't said about the og Adidas Superstar..
    Why bruh..?

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