BEST WHITE SNEAKERS UNDER £50?! – Men’s Fashion Essentials

BEST WHITE SNEAKERS UNDER £50?! – Men’s Fashion Essentials

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  1. What's the best pair of white sneakers you've bought for under £50 ($70)? – Let me know. Don't forget, comment WHITE SNEAKERS below to potentially win the pair I bought in the next video!

  2. You can also try UK based where you can find crazy deals.

  3. White sneakers!!!! my addiction!

  4. Francisco Ramos

    Enjoyed this type of style video… Thank you.

  5. Millionaire Mindset Millennial

    White Sneakers!

  6. White Sneakers!!!

  7. carebearstare5000

    I actually have the h&m ones. I'm happy after probably 6 weeks with them. Got them on sale for less than 9 quid. No regrets at that price

  8. Good gracious, Paulee! What did you do to those old white sneakers? Were you battling the French, single-footedly, with those bad boys?


  10. White Sneakers!!

  11. White sneakers!!!

  12. Darth Vader C137

    White sneakers FTW!!

  13. conradwasalski4200

    White sneakers!

  14. White sneakers

  15. Sebastien Mondiere

    Great video Paul!

  16. White Sneakers!

    I enjoyed this one – very relatable, and a nice change from the “top 5 white sneakers every man must own” type videos which already out there. Nice one Paul!

  17. white sneakers!!!

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