Biggest Football Boots/Soccer Cleats Collection in the World! (Over 700 Pairs!)

Biggest Football Boots/Soccer Cleats Collection in the World! (Over 700 Pairs!)


  1. Their was no mercurial victory ii THATS A SIN‼️‼️‼️

  2. salik enequist

    Do you have a shirt collection?

  3. salik enequist

    Man feels so satisfying when he open the old Nike boxes


    Who wants a cr7 collection like this comment

  5. why do u even have that many shoes

  6. You should do a tour of your Jordan's

  7. Antony Christie

    Great video but where are your Lotto Zhero Gravitys?! The original Zhero Gravity in the gold and white are one of the most beautiful boots ever made!

  8. awsome collection!!

  9. Jorge Merida-Leal

    Super good video I loved it

  10. I just bought a pair of deadstock tiempo legend 2's on ebay, I can't get myself to use them 🙁

  11. Can i visit you please? 😀

  12. Hi josh thanks for redirecting me

  13. Corey McAuliffe

    Potentially like 100k+ in football boots…insane

  14. Michael Hernandez

    Soccer reviews for you , you have Jordan cleats ? Because they stop selling them and I got myself a pair

  15. Andrea Pitacco

    Insane collection, a pleasure to watch. I would spend hours in that room.

  16. A buddy of mine owns an indoor soccer arena and sells shoes there, he also keeps a pair for himself

  17. amazing collection

  18. Ikhs - Tutorials & More

    Am I the only one who has 1 pair , and takes care of it Everytime?

  19. Know anywhere I can find t90s size 9.5??

  20. derpster12 GT

    What should I get for a wide foot, the Magista Obra or Ace 17.1 primeknit

  21. how much did u spend on these

  22. which pair is the most expensive ones?

  23. George Limpenny

    I love ur vids you are so underrated you deserve 1mill subs

  24. PLESAE WOULD YOU BE WILLING TO SELL ANY OF THOSE CLEATS THAT YOU JUST SHOWED!!! Sorry I'm not yelling I'm just amazed and excited. I have been looking for a really rare boot to have maybe one of the sample ones. Or perhaps the EA Sports ones from Nike. Thank you for taking time to read this comment anything helps thank you.

  25. Gianluigi Mariano

    Im a sneaker head and a huge football fan so this video is like better than porn for me haha

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