Biggest Shoe Size Ever Worn [Guinness Primetime]

Biggest Shoe Size Ever Worn [Guinness Primetime]


  1. Messi _killer2447

    I would understand this documentary if I knew what the actual Fuck he was saying

  2. ben blankenship

    Robert wadlow worlds tallest man wore a size 40 not kidding !

  3. still bad at basketball btw

  4. He looks like big bird without feathers

  5. aw he died

  6. Please I beg you, show us that creepy picture of him as a kid again. I didn't really let it sink in the first 17 times we saw it

  7. He was in the rob zombie movie house of 1000 corpses I'm sure

  8. sub if you think he sounds like a guardian from Minecraft

  9. my dad where's size 361/2

  10. his cock must of been Hugh mugus

  11. robert wadlow was a size 40

  12. His voice is incredible

  13. im size 9 men

  14. he died in 2005

  15. Tigres UNAL E Augilas fan 2016-2029

    I'm 13 and I wear a size 13

  16. why edit the voice

  17. RIP Tiny. Died too young.

  18. Didn't Robert Waldow have a shoe size of 35.

  19. too bad he having problems with his joints

  20. Rayados E PUEBLA fan 2016 2017

    WHAT'S WRONG WITH HIS KNEES he looks like a xenomorph

  21. Actually the biggest shoe size was 40

  22. Alexander Garcia

    I'm 11 and my size is 11 USA

  23. I am 8 years old and I wear size 7in woman's

  24. If this guy went walking barefoot in the woods people would see the prints and claim a bigfoot made them.

  25. Smokers Stich89

    Robert Wadlow wore a size 40 so I think he takes the record plus he was the tallest man ever at 8'11

  26. mathew tiny! in devils rejects and house of 1000 corpses. his voice is like that natural no voice over

  27. Im 14 years old and i wear size 14

  28. is that his real voice

  29. Joseph Fickensher

    I was 5'3 when I was 10 size 11 shoes. I might turn into him o.o

  30. Rodney Dongerfield

    He's like Adam Drivers lost big brother.

  31. Gold Koopa Bros.

    The person with the world's biggest shoe size weighed 15 lbs, 4 oz when he was born

  32. im rick harrison and this is my pawn shop

    his voice is fucked

  33. Ívan Er Sá Skelfilegasti

    What's 29 in European size?

  34. Jules Kooij the grey alien

    Robert Wadlow had shoe size 30.

  35. *What is you doings* Ahmed

    dem knees doe I'm 6'8"

  36. *What is you doings* Ahmed

    dem knees doe I'm 6'8"

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