candid girls shoes in locker room

candid girls shoes in locker room

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  1. bust a nut under the sole and return them is the way to go

  2. Hey man you really shouldn’t be doing that shit. I hope you returned them. Sure it may be hot but it’s someone’s fucking shoes that they paid for. You give the foot fetish community a shit name

  3. Just add jizz

  4. Nathaniel Erickson

    please help bro, you are the only one I've seen that has the balls to do what I've thought of, like going in the girls locker room and checking out shoes

  5. Nathaniel Erickson

    hey buddy how do I message you on here? I NEED to get ahold of you somehow so we can chat. need help taking a pair of flats from my school's girls locker room

  6. How did they smell

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