Cheapest Branded Cloths & Shoes | Men branded cloths

Cheapest Branded Cloths & Shoes | Men branded cloths

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  1. Bought adidas school shoes for my daughter and these are totally fake shoes

  2. cheap jackets k liye koi video bnaoo yrrr

  3. হৃদয়ের ক্যানভাস

    mujhe lagtahe iye asli nehi hain. All product china se aya hain.

  4. Chutiya panti Is se bhi saste chiye ho to bol Dena ini company ke dilaiga

  5. mohit sangludkar


  6. mohit sangludkar

    It's first cpoy

  7. Bhaiyo y chutiya bazar h I brought clothes from them and u know what they r cheating on you and how they do it I tell u..I brought product for 15000 which is called MRP they give u 50%discounts product must be 7500rs but they add taxes of 18%as you have to pay double tax 18%+18%=36% ok they give u 50%off actully milta ab sochne k bat y h..2010 se max 2014 k articals jo kafi outdated h hum cutiyo k trah brand karte inhe apne Mariana k liye aise jagha jate h..our Purina artical kush hoke phente me battata hu me he ajio myntra flipkart amazon per bhi sale dekhi aur vha se bhi products magvaye I brought a jeans they give us normally 50% off.ok jeans price is 3000rs that giving me for 1500rs no outher tax algse..they said tax is mera opinion h buy new and fresh artical when showroom giving discount y…Why from any website which is far better then this u will get much better discouta upto 80%..don't go this typrs of chutiya bazaar me bna so mat banna

  8. sadi gaddi safari ch beth k deni

  9. Address plz shop ki is it in Mumbai

  10. apna number do ga bro

  11. I need complete address dear kindly share with contact no .

  12. Any shop in hyderabad which gives discount

  13. how to buy giv reply

  14. Bakwass fuddu video Hai ye saste Hai shoes kaha se saste lag rahe Hai..G 48 .kalakji romanfox chale jao waha issey saste aur ache shoes milte Hai issi brands k wo bhi original discount pe …video bananaey k chakkar Mai kuch bhi mat feko..jaaao aur hkikat dekho

  15. hey so nice video thnx a lot gys

  16. hey so nice video thnx a lot gys

  17. BB bakchod balak

    adress bta do bhai

  18. They may be 3rd or 4th copy, mainly imported from China or Indonesia. Absolutely pathetic chor bazaar. These bastards are spoiling brand’s name by promoting them on their shitty channel. Pepperoni retards

  19. Adidas,Nike ,umbro football shoes under 1500 milsakte hai kya

  20. tujhi bani hiktav madrchod aavra mag

  21. hey my website sells original branded shoes with 1 year warranty and cash on delivery availabe website-

  22. Amanjit007 Singh

    Bhai ji shop name

  23. Amanjit007 Singh

    Where are you now

  24. Gr8 wrk guys luv u

  25. Very nice video sir/ mam m ko branded shoes paint shirt T-shirt vgarh ki shop open krni h to km se km rate m kha se Lena theek hoga….

  26. A chha mal he

  27. nice video

  28. Come my shop sadar bazar shop 36 1st floor pari shoft toys chifest shoft toys teddy bear

  29. good way to promote show room



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