Chris Brown Shows Off The Most Insane Sneaker Collection We’ve Ever Seen On Complex Closets

Chris Brown Shows Off The Most Insane Sneaker Collection We’ve Ever Seen On Complex Closets


  1. Paying4crackhead Pussy

    This nigga no his partnas be wearing all his shit till the soles show not him

  2. Brooklynn Wright

    I want them shoes

  3. Damn Woman Beater Has Crazy Sneaker Closets……..

  4. If I was to come back black I'd like to be CB

  5. gomolemo mosupiemang

    good man let me have some

  6. aizen o'driscoll

    Yoooo blud i cringe everytime i see dis

  7. Jonathan Wesley

    This nigga got shoes and clothes that is looking like good will store

  8. That is not his home he is at the store

  9. So He Not Killing Dj Khalid?

  10. Why do people need so much damn shoes

  11. *TheNoobVlogger*

    looks like a shop not a closet

  12. Justin Bieber goes sneaker shopping

  13. his shoe and clothes closet(second one) is like footlocker or sum dammmn

  14. No nigguh we are not twins. You did what you fucking did!

  15. mridula battina

    Good Sir.

  16. For people wondering that's a condition he does with his mouth I've started doing it and I'm 13 so I don't think its drugs

  17. Stephen B. Smith

    Finally a nigga that wears his collection

  18. Jamila Gillette

    Chris brown should pass me his shoes that he don't wear

  19. Densetsu no LEGEND

    Some of his shoes were a little

    beat up

  20. Sabrina Everett

    This is definitely a store!!

  21. Jaja it looks like Jazz from the fresh prince

  22. Major flex

  23. Anyone up for a heist?

  24. Suprised he didnt beat any one in this video

  25. how can any straight man own this much pair of shoes. I couldn't own any more than 100/200 pairs of shoes.

  26. Wtf

  27. Man he gotta get off that coke haha

  28. Got that coke jaw swingin


    -for the real ones

  30. My nigga Chris says he paints with yeezys on wtf?

  31. karian KT turner

    Chris Brown a goat

  32. Hubuh Bubuh Bub ul Gum

    "We somewhere in LA"
    Well said

  33. This nigga got stores

  34. It looks like Joe just got that shirt 5 minutes before the video started.

  35. DragonBallAddicts

    I have like 5 pairs of shoes which includes my school shoes lmao

  36. His closet is 5 times bigger than the footlocker in my city

  37. Nguyễn Anh Haii

    Fucking wow shit

  38. how about Royalty's closet? probably more bigger than his closet tho

  39. People keep hatin on him because of what happened between him and Rihanna. That was a decade ago. Let the man be. They made up. Sometime that happens in relationships and it's hard being in a relationship when you both are famous.

  40. The foo Chris Brown is young humble cat.. mad props.. i as well rock all my shoes n gear

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