Chris Paul’s Jordan Collection / Sneaker Collection

Chris Paul’s Jordan Collection / Sneaker Collection


  1. Khaled ain't got nothing on him

  2. I didn't know somebody could ride Jordans cock so hard, not only am I not so high on Jordans per say, but when a grown man reaches a certain age, you should leave sneakers alone all together and start collecting some hard bottoms to wear with your suit

  3. Derrick Rose should be a 84 over all

  4. Rich christopher

    are all millionaires sound this miserable because of. so i dont want to be one lol keah okay

  5. MJ shoes

  6. i personally thinks js are ugly lol

  7. I bet her hurt him self making this video

  8. Still no rings

  9. This nigga can put footlocker out of business

  10. The_Greatest Ever

    this guy must have the world record for amount of Jordan 1s owned

  11. tell Chris send me some Jordan

  12. When he picked up the 5s he said my team now. He coming to the Spurs

  13. what is the song on 2:53?

  14. Seven Dotton-Williams

    omg Cp3 I hope one day I get a closet full of shoes
    ps your the best player is the nba Stay real

  15. Frederico Pinto

    CP3 will never need a room for his rings.

  16. EDP's Yellow & Crooked Teeth

    This makes me feel like getting on 2k and buying every colorway of every shoe

  17. them 4's? Dope! Never seen some of those.

  18. must be nice being rich

  19. Charles Henderson

    You're probably the King of Retro 1s

  20. عبدالرحمن إفكيرين

    واي فاي

  21. karl concepcion

    whos the videographer????:

  22. i wannt it, pls give me one sir !! AWWWW damn so cool

  23. that color purple jordan 4 @2:29 what is the name?

  24. those are some cool shoes but how about the ones your wearing

  25. soy de maracay . Venezuela . regalenme una

  26. Someone. Stool my Jordan six retro blue black and red out of my locker I beat his ass

  27. Cp3 has ALOT of heat

  28. Nice bro I like the 4 too

  29. dodong war terante

    i have nothing.can somebody give me atleast one..cnd me in da philippines..i can give you my address..advance thanks 2 that..

  30. At 2:09 why is he pretending to hold shoes?

  31. why don't cp3 show us some of them fire ass huaraches from the hornets

  32. Hold This L. Debarge

    somebody stole my New K swiss outta my locker back n the day, i feel ya CP

  33. We're did you get the black and white Jordan shoes

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