Christian Louboutin $1000 Dollar Trainers Unboxing – Mens Fashion 2018

Christian Louboutin $1000 Dollar Trainers Unboxing – Mens Fashion 2018

- in Men Sneakers



    those trainers are great but the intro was fucking disgusting. mysogynistic piece of shit.


    Ohhh, ohhhh those Louboutin fits u perfect damn it!!! Ohhhh men i'm jalouse right now, it fits u AF !

  3. You should’ve bought the red loubtins

  4. The red version is much better

  5. Jeison Ferreira

    stop lie these are fake bruh but i can see those shoes!

  6. luxury!Lol

  7. Jesse James Sanchez

    you look homosexual

  8. Thinking your a celebrity try getting more money then bill gates

  9. Sebastian Sebastian

    how do you clean the soles?

  10. Fagit

  11. Funny how much faith you put in a pair of shoes when you're ugly as fuh and your voice is shit.

  12. かっこいい

  13. Love the fit man I have a pair coming in soon hope you don't mind me wearing the same thing as you cause I had know clew what to wear with them dope review and fit ⚡️⚡️

  14. Lowkey I thought your outfit was too tight. Especially the skinny jeans, I don't think skinny jeans go well with those shoes.

  15. guys pls 😀 I have a fat ass feet -.- should i buy it or nah ?

  16. Ndibe Christian N

    Please where can I buy the fake please send the website

  17. i want them so bad but im poor xd

  18. 'trainer'

  19. Fuck all these haters everyone has their own personal style. I personally love loubs and have a strass pair myself.

  20. The outfit is fucking wank, wtf is that jacket

  21. Dressing like G-Eazy

  22. ToxicAlien Abductions

    whered u get that jacket

  23. man these would look super nice with light blue ripped jean's and a black burberry shirt

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