Christian Louboutin | Lou Spikes Men’s Flat | Review | On Foot!

Christian Louboutin | Lou Spikes Men’s Flat | Review | On Foot!

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  1. I would like to see your Christian Louboutian sneaker collection

  2. do the mens red bottoms fit true to size?

  3. Do those louboutins run small or what??

  4. these sneakers are insane. I love them!

  5. Do christan laboution make for boys like 12 year old kids in uk ?

  6. I want to buy authentic Loubotin sneakers on wholsale, does anybody now where I can find it, please let me know..

  7. 1inatrills Sr-71

    there not called (louboutons) you ass hole there (louboutin)

  8. Plz tell me where I can buy these. Can't find it this color online.

  9. Amazing shoes!!

  10. YES!!!!

  11. sauce promotion

    love these sneakers can you provide more information on them. maybe a reference number.

  12. I buy one per year. CL sneakers can be an expensive obsession.

  13. Do you recommend a size up or size down

  14. Tomas Rodriguez

    What sz are you and how do they fit.

  15. Those are hot man! and how do you tie your shoe laces like that?

  16. tin not ton tf

  17. Could you choose a more annoying song to have in the background lol

  18. Sadly you can't buy them in Europe

  19. You ever tried guiseppi zanotti?

  20. Ольга Довженко

    Отличная зимняя обувь на платформе

  21. We have the same glasses. Also those glasses are bomb.

  22. What size is a 10 is Louboutin's?

  23. Love the shoe hate the price.

  24. It's pronounced "La'bout'an".

  25. Hi man, i just bought some aswell.
    But i have nike 45 and adidas 46
    I bought louboutins in 44, will it fit?

  26. the whole world stops when you wear them
    check out my fb glowboy K Shine
    and my ig glowboyk1nlonely_sl

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