Christian Louboutin Real vs. Fake/Replica Guide (Men’s Shoes)

Christian Louboutin Real vs. Fake/Replica Guide (Men’s Shoes)

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  1. where did u get the fake ones? i like them more than some of my branded ones

  2. Thornton Nguyen

    I just found out that my golden dandy pik piks has an easily marketable replica just by googling its name. Im not sure if its real anymore, I purchased it on Grailed, and when I received my shoes, each shoe came in its own red dust bag…

  3. Bad fakes!

  4. I enjoyed your comparison, and I'm sorry that you had to go through the headache of getting fakes. I decided to piggyback off of your video idea and do a updated fake guide for louboutin sneakers as most people are unaware of the differences – check it out a little later, it should be up within an hour.

  5. Your real Christian Louboutin is so dazzling! What are you going to do with fake one? I'd like to see some of his leather goods reviews in the future. Thanks.

  6. Great video!! Nothing beats Louboutin's quality and attention to detail!

  7. Check out my review of the real pair of Louboutins here:

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