CJ Sneaker Collection

CJ Sneaker Collection


  1. Don't Kill me too bad for saying Jordan JFK and photo reel 31 LOL

  2. MJ wore number 12 when his original ​ got stolen out of his locker.

  3. Christian Melendez

    So xxtra

  4. "My wife is filming" lol

  5. Man i got heat like the miltary Salute

  6. The 12 jersey was worn by Jordan after someone had stole his 23 jersey before a game

  7. Cj is probably the most underrated sneakertuber

  8. you should do a honest review on the doernbecher 8's

  9. You got some heat fam… congrats on your 30K

  10. Slam dunk is a Japanese anime, legendary basketball anime.

  11. Jersey is for when Jordan got his original 23 jersey stolen and didn't have a back up jersey. So the team gave him a random number 12 jersey to play in the game

  12. Ayeee Cj with the heat

  13. Cj where you get all the drop front boxes?

  14. Cosmocallus-Gaming

    72-10 aren't better than space jams

  15. U the best bro congrats dawg

  16. Yo if you need a thumbnail designer hit me up on Instagram @frvnkiie_

  17. goddamn those custom 12s are sick dude. I sub'd

  18. it's when someone stole jordan's jersey so he had to wear 12 ft the game.

  19. whered u get that jersey? been lookin for jordans replacement jersey for a long minute

  20. Got some heat and some underrated heat that some boost heads wouldn't appreciate

  21. The Desert ones are lit…Shang hi 10s fire…

  22. The waffle shoes are super fire

  23. I think the Bulls were playing Orlando Magic when Jordan wore that jersey.l might have the card with him wearing it. It's a Sam Mitchell card if I'm not mistaken

  24. Kilroy Jersey?

  25. Unique collection bro i like it

  26. I love that low top 9, almost bought it on ebay the other day.

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