Complex Closets : DJ Khaled Shows His Sneaker Closet Pt. 2

Complex Closets : DJ Khaled Shows His Sneaker Closet Pt. 2


  1. larry haskins

    Dj is a fat faggot and is annoying and hypes him self up

  2. Zakaria Ibarki

    Those AF1 supreme are fresh. They cost about 1000+. Dreams are crushed

  3. So whats the story behind these? When I popped out my mama I had really hairy hands ya know? Im an icon

  4. Michelle Irigoyen


  5. Feared Savages


  6. Feared Savages


  7. Bray_den05 Gaming

    If he stage dives he'll brake all there knecks and then there will be a massive earthquake and it Will slit the world in two and destroy the milky way galaxy

  8. U need to do his sons shoe closet

  9. This is called "you wish you had these" lmaoooo

  10. Jesus Christ Loves you!

    I only have one pair of shoes

  11. justus morrett

    "Money can't get you this"….. Yes, yes it can

  12. Diego Segundo

    Wtf nigga bought all the shoes just by saying "DJ Khaled We the best music"

  13. yo u kno dass a vibe

  14. Money can't get you this? Where are all my shoes

  15. Austin Mckearney

    Dah viiiiiibes

  16. This dude annoying af

  17. I love how the dude just Standing there like wtf are u talking about

  18. Stormie Burton

    WOW THE HOUSE COST 10,00,00

  19. White boy Can't get right

    That's exactly what money can buy. Yo,this dude is a goofy. Another one.

  20. dragonswift25

    Just realized this was posted on my 13th birthday

  21. Who's watching this now that the We the Best 3s are out?

  22. Spencer Tracy

    i think hes the only happy rich man lol

  23. Asahd did the flight club apparel come in yet

  24. damnn dj khaled never stops talking … . half the shit he says is not intresting

  25. I thought the tiny bag was for ashad

  26. Ludvig Danielsen

    Affair deny block car sweep English.

  27. "money can't get you this"

  28. seeing this guy for the first time in my life and i have to say he sounds stupid asf

  29. Danny graff west

    Just cus I have a big collection of shoes don't m an u gonna have ur shoe done by Jordan

  30. Barco Basurero

    este sapo Qlo tiene cualquier plata

  31. Dj give me one I don't have nothing

  32. Show us your diet!!

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