Converse All-Star shoe collection is world’s largest

Converse All-Star shoe collection is world’s largest


  1. I have 2 pair, white low tops and charcoal low top. But I want more

  2. Can I be her freind

  3. I have one pair…

  4. OMG! She makes my 14 pair collection look pathetic! Haha! This is so cool!!! But boy oh boy, if I had that many, I would forget about a lot of them! Like does she wear them all? Even if she wore each one once a year, it would take over 2 years to get all them worn…..

  5. 700 more then i will beat you. lol

  6. GodsIlluminatedOne


  7. do you wear any of them?

  8. I have 7

  9. Falling_in_ Phandoms

    this is me but with vans

  10. I want to see her film a quick collection tour.

  11. Codename: Iceland

    hey do u really get deja vu if u get the white pair

  12. I have the classic black converse and I saved up for the red ones

  13. I have only 2 pairs…The dark blue and white

  14. I Only Have A Pair Of Dirty White High Tops 🙁

  15. I only have 1 pair

  16. I have 14 pairs. The blondie ones in this video are my favs

  17. fun fact: every teenager owns or owned at least 1 pair of Converse

  18. Lol I got 10 pairs

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