D.I.Y Platform Sneakers

D.I.Y Platform Sneakers

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  1. AWizardMummyandMartian ImUnique

    She looks like Nikki.

  2. i made these using the hot glue method & they came undone after 2 wears, i was soo sad 🙁 gonna try regluing them with e6000 and see if that lasts longer

  3. Im just cringing that you didn't cut all the uneven bits ><

  4. I like the video it's cute for a rave or club it's cute

  5. If I make these, I think I would use e 6000. It would last longer in my opinion

  6. I'm gonna make platform crocks

  7. Your so artistically inclined .. I love them

  8. Galina Nunnayobiznass

    Someone dumpster diving is going to get weirded out by all those shoe bits!

  9. Pastel Space Gore

    Thank you, I will definitely do this.

  10. oh, great idea! I do it! thanks 😉

  11. Joseph Flanagan

    how do i buy any of your old shoes



    SO CLEVER!!!!!!

  14. †Andysixxsbatman†

    Cute gitl

  15. TIP: Try shoe goo instead it’s glue make to fix shoes, it has a flexible against and it’s only like $4 at target!!

  16. Love it

  17. Instead of hot glue use shoe goo it’s glue that moves with your shoes I use it all the time to fix creepers I buy!

  18. GuardianXAngel5

    Fantastic idea, less so on the execution though. I'd have gone to the dollar store and bought a few pair of new flip flops so they wouldn't be so warped. And those sneakers could have used a wash before hand ^.^" they looked a bit… Rugged. Kudos on the fantastic idea though!

  19. Wow!!!! So creative i will be attempting to make my own

  20. I feel like e6000 glue would work better instead of hot glue only cause I'm rough with my shoes and just rough in general but over all this is a really really cool diy

  21. Witch craft X

    Just saying but you should use super glue or something

  22. Dumb cunt !!! ..Your makeup is atrocious !! and you're fucking dumb !! ..Stuck up whore !!! ..quit calling people fuckboys when you yourself …like all other girls ,are whores !! for Celebrity status !! or some kind of status …

  23. green//tea//subliminals

    yo this is so cool and creative mah dude

  24. Jennifer Martinez

    Oh my gosh I love these sooooooooo much!!!!!

  25. Una Fujoshi Más

    buena idea, pero no me gusta el resultado, quizá si lo forraras con otro tipo de tela, un color solido

  26. NeonBlackHeartAttack

    This is a really, relly good idea! I reccomend using a stronger glue though.

  27. MidnightIvy123

    great idea, but please don't use hot glue to stick them together, they will fall apart. use glue designed for wear and tear, even better if specifically for shoes.

  28. Does this actually work

  29. enigma enigma

    fucked up! ugly

  30. Nathan Prizhm

    i would glue and sew them with strong twine

  31. I'm about to make my own Version of these and rock the fuck out of them!

  32. Andy Electric


  33. AAAAAA! It's a dream come true!

  34. wow this was super creative nice job!!! 😀

  35. shannon popesco

    I'd get the shoe good from wallmart and put nails threw the inside of the shoe down into the flip flops .get checked fabric and use shoe glue and glue fabric around flip flops .this tutorial was awsome and a really great way of having a pair of creepers .I'd just do it a little different. great job good video

  36. This is actually pretty genius but I would've use E6000 glue or even like super glue on the edges if I wanted it to permanently stay on

  37. البوادر LiLEALGAiL

  38. Ahh she's left-handed yass! Also, those are too dope!

  39. so I tried this a while back and the results were OK in the beginning. Over time the tape began to peel off and it was not resistant to rain at all. I suggest that you DON'T wear these when it is snowing or if there is ice on the ground because they are super slippery.

  40. in nepal you can get them from $8-$20

  41. moresugar tradercc

    that looked like a lot of work but they looked nice when it was done

  42. not being rude are anything but they are ugly the ones I have have a built in wedge and they look really CUTE

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