DC Men’s Nyjah High Top Lace-Up Sneakers

DC Men’s Nyjah High Top Lace-Up Sneakers

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  1. MC Kim Studios

    I remember buying DC High Tops back in grade 4, and fuck me the quality was fucking awful… (This was back in 2010)

  2. Dc shoes are for poop eaters

  3. What are those

  4. How much does this pair cost????

  5. Request:
    Can you make a video on how you tie your shoes like in the video?
    I've seen videos where people would re-lace their shoes, put the knot under the insoles, use anchorlace etc..

  6. Are they selling these anymore?

  7. How do you tie these? :

  8. Do you still have those shoes? o.o don't think I'm weird or anything but if ya do, would you sell them? You have the exact same size that i need and i can't find it anywhere on the internet cause they stopped making the best color one… Idk why but yea…

  9. Can u place new link please, beacuse i can't find exactly this shoes on the internet.

  10. Camden Crotwell

    Those r skateboarding shoes nyjah Houston is pro for DC

  11. Jim van der Heijden

    Are they also available in lime green?

  12. nice review! they looks amazing!

  13. Hey hope it's not too late but how did you tie your shoelaces? It looks really nice hidden.

  14. Sues BookNook

    Really nice! I love high tops! Nice color choice too!

  15. Really cool shoes! Love the red color and the way they look!

  16. +Nick Kapenkar Thanks man, there's a link in the description to where I bought mine, for some reason they are a little hard to get now, I think it's because the low-top version came out, but I prefer the high-tops in these.

  17. Nick Kapenkar

    looking good man. i really want a par of the same ones for myself. 😀

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