1. The DDG Family

    DDG Marathon? 2k likes on this comment

  2. No Jordan's?

  3. yeezys are so ugly

  4. Blockboi Itachi

    I’m not hating but was it necessary or him to say the price like most shoe collectors don’t mention it we get it he has money and loves to flex but I just don’t feel like this persona he puts out for rap not the real him

  5. I wouldn’t believe anything thing that guy say

  6. Bruh those r breds no pirate blacks

  7. Ohiorichkid Ohiorichkid Beats

    gave-em a pimple..lol

  8. 770

  9. Kyrese Manning

    The balenciaga's are 650 to 750

  10. It’s 17,300

  11. Jovany De La Flamé

    Weak ass sneaker collection

  12. Endlessgamer X

    I got more Jordan’s than you

  13. It’s good to have collection.. but be smart with your money.. all that it’s nothing.. put your money property’s … be smart my black brother..

  14. BlindBLAZER808

    5:20 “I ain’t fuck with those” 2 seconds later
    “Aight dk send me some those”

  15. Lmaooo y’all hilarious together. That must be VON VON

  16. Where the Jordan's ddg nigga

  17. DDG a fool lol

  18. Bruh u coulda dead copped better shit with yo money than that expensive shit u got

  19. 10: 00 I got those

  20. zachery wilson

    All those shoes are ugly af my af1s look better then thos any day

  21. “ You was there for everything” “gimme a hug”

  22. Get some more shoes on god

  23. Honestly U just follow the hype ur shoes look ass u just follow what’s cool u barely got any classics ur collection is expensive but weak asf

  24. TheRealBaller 2180

    Dam do u even have one pair of jays bruh smh hypebeast

  25. That SupremeKidd

    Yo DDG you don’t like Jordan’s ?

  26. Andres Esquivel

    Them shoes are so fuckin ugly

  27. Dinero DaDemiGod

    Softest dude on youtube who love flexing. One day he go get robbed and exposed

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