De’Aaron Fox’s Rare Sneaker Collection | GQ

De’Aaron Fox’s Rare Sneaker Collection | GQ


  1. hi, my name is De'Aaron Fox's best gamer in the nba? lol

  2. Barbi

  3. Aye Russell Westbrook is my favorite player too

  4. Boy lookin like a junkie in the thumbnail.

  5. De'Aaron I'm a celtics fan but I still think you're the best rookie

  6. Shaunt Papelian

    He looks like Kodak black

  7. Jesser sent me

  8. George Sabanekh

    Very nice person

  9. kodad black is that u?

  10. When are we going to see him play? Also if the Kings waste another BBN player I'm going to fist the owner with a handful of steel wool.

  11. he loves dbz..he is likeable..check out the video in which he shoots while saying kameha

  12. Jwoa gaming & reactions

    He will be a really good player soon just wait

  13. How could u not like him

  14. Yo De'aron fox I'm a DBZ fan also my brother

  15. devin booker wore blue just don 2s

  16. Shining LugiaTCGTV

    Fox vs Hayward who’s the best gamer

  17. Charlie Griffin

    I like fox but I’m a sneaker head and I can’t get over the fact that he called the “Kobe ad mid” a Kobe and kyrie colab

  18. The guy on youtube

    He just shut down hayward

  19. I met him last night at the Game, Kings VS Cavs!! Shook his hand real nice person.

  20. im a duke fan but so many of these uk players are so likeable, i love de’aarons personality

  21. He should play against Gordon Hayward

  22. Well that’s different, KG’s the best player ever to him……..not bad.

  23. 3:46 customs? Looks to be the "Aunt Pearl" KD IV

  24. Bruh I have more shoes than him wtf

  25. I just got red and black "dark" Kobe AD shoe for christmas

  26. Jesse Alexander

    I wish Lonzo was this cool! And DBZ fan rather than saying Future is Top 5

  27. Humble fellow

  28. The pink KD 4’s are not custom. They are the Aunt Pearls for KD’s aunt.

  29. Anime Games Online

    Dragon Ball Z fan? I support De'Aaron Fox, go Kings!

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