Dior B23 High-Top Sorayama Sneaker Unboxing | Men's Fashion 2019

Dior B23 High-Top Sorayama Sneaker Unboxing | Men's Fashion 2019

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  1. Y ur neck look like that in the thumbnail

  2. Do they run true to size? I’m a true size 10 but would you recommend sizing up or down a size?

  3. @itsplez Love you videos so much!!

  4. Matt Martin Extreme Nail Artist/Educator

    @mattsnails think that’s alittle high priced for a trainer…

  5. Bruv, it's a T-Rex you shouldn't go wrong with it! Anyways the best Dior B23 sneaker review out there. I was looking for these patterned to be review but I think your the only one.

  6. Ha my favourite aftershave at the end on the left (it looks like it’s in a tin) it smells absolutely amazing

  7. @steventravelstoplaces xoxo

  8. Nice videos

  9. This guy is so up his own ar$e it makes we want to vomit. So gross. Bore off already, no one cares

  10. aravinda_moonsammy

  11. hinthonation_sumsum

    @hinthonation_sumsum LOVE YOU CARL!!! and ofc your videos too, so inspiring 🙂

  12. Дмитро Нокс

    Answering your question, probably I wouldn't splash out that kind of money on clothes or shoes, even if it's Dior's 😉

  13. Omari The People

    Fuck naw lol no chance

  14. Raí Queriqueli

    Keep up with the great work.

  15. @mrlabeck – followed on Insta and that’s how I found you here. Loving your tutorials!

  16. @zacharyleg 🙂 Love ur content <3

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  18. Manuele Bolzonello

    hey there!! You are great and i follow all ur fashion and make-tutorial that i find so inspirational!! Im your number one fan from italy/czech republic. Peace ( my ig: @manubolzo )

  19. Virgil Pawiroredjo

    Love love The sneakers

  20. Lou3892

  21. @elymizrahi29

  22. @kalebalewine

  23. Those shoes are BEAUTIFUL !

  24. Awesome Dior collection..My insta id– @rjbiswajitborah

  25. Stefano Andrade

    Great video Carl, I love your channel btw!

  26. roger de los santos

    @rogerdelossantos good luck to myself lol

  27. Gilberto Paniagua

    I have been following you on instagram for a while. Your style is stunning and these shoes are amazing. @notoriousgil_1

  28. malcolm adderley

    The CHAVS would beat you BLOODY for trying to pawn dem hideous trainers on them in X-CHANGE for your life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. you have excellent taste, @imleigh10_

  30. @benthom98

  31. Yeah I am going to get them for a hundred instead 🙂

  32. Sean Masami Shimamoto

    I wonder if that’s a Japanese name ‘cause it would make sense since “sora” means “sky” and “Yama” means “mountain” and that pride is SKY HIGH for shoes!!!

  33. connor_ward16 ❤️

  34. Great video as always Carl! Insta: @benclement95

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