DIY Galaxy Shoes for American Girl dolls!

DIY Galaxy Shoes for American Girl dolls!

- in Women Sneakers


  1. American girl ideas can you please make Lucianas mars habitat?

  2. These shoes are perfect for Luciana great diy

  3. I love them can I have a shout out please

  4. those shoes are perfect for Luciana Vega

  5. Chaney Armstrong

    do a Diy boy doll

  6. These shoes are soooo coool.Also HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

  7. That is so cute and cool

  8. Love this craft! It is so awesome!

  9. Lamees Elkhidir

    is thiss baby shoes and u turn them into the American shoes

  10. Cortney Hockaday

    That. Was. Cool

  11. Hailey Chriswell

    so cute i love them

  12. So cute!

  13. Layla paulina Simpaon

    Sooooooooo cool

  14. Shawn Henry Hobby man

    Awesome looking

  15. Raelene Martins

    Super cool I love them

  16. Good moing

  17. Cheryln DeFrancesco

    Love all of your crafts

  18. shibu varughese

    I love your channel you inspired me to make miniature American girl doll accessories

  19. Please make an ag couch

  20. shibu varughese

    Do American girl doll miniature lol suprise doll

  21. aglover15 Edmondson

    I love these what a great idea

  22. Hannah Collinge

    Perfect for Luciana Vega!!! Today I bought Z Yang. I AM KIND OF EARLY!!!!

  23. Hamster cutie Family

    Happy new year American girl ideas

  24. Thank you for talking again

  25. Moriah Campbell

    I think I might try this

  26. This videos I out of the world!!!

  27. Make ag lunchbox

  28. These are just like Luciana's! I just got her and I am super excited!

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