DJ Skee’s Shoe Collection Unboxed

DJ Skee’s Shoe Collection Unboxed


  1. I like this dude because he sounds real as fuck. Man said, "To tell you the truth, i'm really not shit" dude you are the shit lol keep living the dream!

  2. ThaBeatHunter1987

    Outrageous collection brother.

    Please sell me your Big Bang lebron 9’s.

  3. Soooooooooo many shoes wowowowoowowow

  4. hottest collection I have ever seen

  5. What does this dj skee guy do for a living?

  6. Lol let me get your Columbia’s . I wanted a pair soooo bad . 4s are my fav and I’ll do whatever to get them an fix them

  7. Jonathan Enriquez

    I love it nice collection bro

  8. his hairline fucked tho

  9. Hands down best sneaker collection I've ever seen.


    watched whole vid

  11. This guy is annoying doesn’t know jack about shies

  12. Make a give away

  13. 15:08 the way he says saint laurent

  14. I'm a sneakerhead but recently I have decided not to buy any more shoes. How can the world go on successfully while people are buying unnecessary amounts of personal goods like this?! The fossil fuels used in the polymers / plastics are undeniable. Meanwhile many of these shoes have never and will never be worn, only left to sit and crack on a shelf. I think the world needs to wake up and stop consuming so much unnecessary items to avoid future environmental collapse.

  15. Fresh Prince Of Westwood

    Dawg, get a hair transplant ASAP

  16. Jordan Shoultes

    That's Carolina blue.not Columbia..where did he go 2 school?.awsome collection thanks 4 sharing.

  17. cant see shit please show them properly next time

  18. You could've worn those Grey air Maxs but your invested in having stuff that nobody else has. You have enough money but you are a hoarder.

  19. bruh just kept pulling out more shoes. Jealous asf lmao

  20. plastic hangers? still suprised so many rich ppl with expensive clothes use plastic hangers! Best sneaker vid i've seen so far though.

  21. Didn't know that Skee had kicks like this… Respect..

  22. Dude! Your collection is awesome!

  23. "All beat up" lol they look fine haha

  24. Great collection thank you for sharing

  25. DJ SKEE You have, without a doubt one of the illest collections ever!!! I love how knowledgeable you are about them as well!!! #SKEELOCKER is amazing!!! #Respect

  26. It's crazy seeing how big dj skee has made it. Also being from Minnesota and being a huge SNEAKERHEAD and my favorite Jordans are 12s is Soo dope to see him succeeding! Keep it up man MN will always have your back! A serious serious thank you to taking the time to film this, Lord knows it didn't take a short time haha.

  27. Christian Sandoval


  28. Christian Sandoval


  29. 1:09.48 Free hand Profit gas mask!!!!! 🙂

  30. Dave Whites!!! Jordan's

  31. Lemme buy one of those Vikings AM 90s. We the same sz too? yeah need that.

  32. Where the 16's they gotta release those again in the bred colorway

  33. Carlo Caballero

    Damn..this nigga has a better set than mayor..mayor was just filled with AF1s..skee has a lot of rare ones.

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