1. Michelle Klar

    money kicks or the sneaker don

  2. dubai is a fucked up place. i'd never go there.

  3. this kid is spoiled af, I just got Jordan 1 pinnacles and I worked hard for the money 6 hours a day, this dude is just a kid and his shoe collection is more expensive than my house, sad that he won't get to see how hard earning money is and realize he is living in a cruel world…

  4. Panchito Rubio

    noiseass bitxh

  5. Panchito Rubio

    ur bitch is wack kise keep her out of men buisness

  6. Giovany Sanchez

    spot the avocado at 2:16

  7. Kathy Boucher

    Lol "don't be awkward fam"? Take your own advice fampire, huggin up on him like a pedo haha… kid was like step away

  8. Kathy Boucher

    Lol y'all cornballs probably is rockin that Young MA

  9. Jett Kauffman

    I have been their they abuse animals

  10. Gibralter Kendama Team

    When was Ronaldo?

  11. Anyone know the song playing on part 19:05

  12. that sunset view with the sneakers in the beginning could have been better without those handprints on the window :/

  13. Jose Ontiveros

    why u hating on him motherfuckers its not his fault he has that much money u niggas just jealous

  14. Killer Wolfie

    Does he have bape nmd

  15. Mos Fresh Kicks

    Qias gay as hell no kisses for his girl wtf

  16. MrAhuraMazda187

    collections are so boring. been done

  17. wheres ronaldo?

  18. Christopher Knuth

    exclusives to de boi

  19. 160600x,v JMCA17

    ten cuidao mijo que tu morra Sele quedaba viendo al chavito con esa mirada que me caso con est varo

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