1. Delusion In The Brain

    This was straight up Cringe to the max.

  2. He is actually Bahraini guy not emarati

  3. If I was supreme leader, I would make it a law – If you make videos showing off your material possessions – you are required to disclose how you financially obtain them.

    Reason: It gives it a better perspective of reality for the viewer. I wonder how many people would be comfortable to show off their possessions with that rule in place.

  4. After watching all if Qias vlogs i really want to go to Dubai damnn thats a cool show collection tho

  5. What are the shoes hes touching at 3:58

  6. Imagine living in a sky scraper home with all those shoes and a earthquake hits. Sad

  7. Qias check out Dj bigboy cheng on youtube. He had the sickest and the most expensive collection here in the Philippines.

  8. 2:35 Yeezy Cleats!?

  9. He put Muhammad on his shoes! Astaghfurallah


  11. Who tf is KANI

  12. how rich is this guy

  13. Qias getting fatter and fatter

  14. Qias, you trash XD

  15. Bro..u late af..

  16. its the same dude that twojskicks already did a video with……lmao

  17. global honey like will abortion help significance equation lemon joy conduct.

  18. I also have the love shoe. Watch costed me 30k

  19. when will you go hit up greg st

  20. Can someone help me . I'm trying to find qias merch

  21. Do any of you think u have to play basket ball to own jordans

  22. OR-guns

  23. Fuck u Qrew and your wife or gf and your mom bitch

  24. daddys oil money lmao


    Pretty much the best sneaker discord

  26. Where do you get them shelves from?

  27. Contrast smoke criminal grocery anticipate effective so-called currently park.

  28. qias was looking around crying on the inside

  29. Why the fuck can this dude not dress…

  30. how hasnt he hit 1 mil Im actually gettig pissed off

  31. Good job!! Seen ya goofy ass on nba playoffs commercial.

  32. Question: Best Site To Sell Used Sneakers Right Now??

  33. Michael Dorflinger

    Yo I think I saw u in New Jersey at a Mexican restaurant in Woodbridge called Jose Tejas

  34. Starting off a UK based prizify supreme account( supreme_raffles31) follow me for updates and message me supreme items you would like to raffle.

  35. @crewtv PLEASE let me know if any good resell shops in the San Francisco area, going their for 2 days then going to big sur because my mom is running a marathon, I really want to go to some new ones, please let me know

  36. Gonzalo The Bubbyest Dragon Phucker Rubio

    Blazendary got 1 mil subs and 18k with that. While qias still needs 12k. Damn thought qias would be at 1 mil by now, I don't watch him anymore cause his content isn't very exciting like how it use to be, but still thought hed be at 1 mil subs by now.

  37. road to 1million

  38. Yo qias I just saw you on an NBA Playoffs commercial in ESPN

  39. Just saw you on an nba commercial. Thought I was trippin for a second.

  40. Who else saw Qias on the nba playoffs commercial, my man made it

  41. Qias u r in an NBA Playoffs commercial. That’s dope af. So happy u r making your way up. #roadto1Mil

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