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  1. Nelly Martinez

    Omg I’m in love

  2. If you wont i lick oll your soul shoes

  3. Great collection but u gotta work on getting ur names correct. For the culture. True blue 3's were ur firr shoe, blue cement 3's dont exist and at 9:58 those are space jams not gamma's

  4. I'm here for the ankles

  5. Love the retro 4s

  6. Some people think having too many shoes are a waste of money but it's always nice to mix and match shoes with your outfits I barely have 3 pairs of Jordan's lol hopefully more to come

  7. Very fire collection! And you are too fine! Get it!

  8. Loved it!!

  9. Obsessed

  10. Dope collection. 2016 11’s are the space jams tho.

  11. Brandon Williams

    Dream wife

  12. Brandon Williams

    So beautiful

  13. Brandon Williams

    I'd wife her in a second…great video and dope collection

  14. Wow you act like you’re not the finest woman on earth but you are.

  15. Funny how I boy could make the EXACT same video like every word the same and people would be like “kys I hate you get a life stop wasting money” but when a girl does the same thing word for word and people are like “you’re my idol I love you, you are the best keep the good content”

  16. You go girl! Fire collection! Much love from San Francisco!

  17. She has more sneakers than most guys lol..

  18. Dope collection!

  19. Jordan is Nike

  20. damn your 11s go crazy

  21. respect to this video and good variety sneakers! aint like the rest in youtube! keep doing your thing! 100!

  22. I made it through most of the video thinking I was watching Sherlina wth☠️

  23. Tamica Latham

    A friend told me that white sneakers start to yellow when it is exposed to air. She keeps all her sneakers in boxes so that they don’t begin to yellow. Do you experience that?

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