Girl crush toy car(mercedes gelandewagen) in adidas sneakers

Girl crush toy car(mercedes gelandewagen) in adidas sneakers

- in Women Sneakers


  1. Great video! 🙂

  2. i feel sad 4 car

  3. Joseph Flanagan

    no send you my girlfriends sneakers to be crushed by her

  4. Joseph Flanagan

    I send my girlfriend sneakers for her to crush with her sneakers

  5. Daniel Mathieson

    Nice crush would you destroy a full size car with just your feet?

  6. ChrisJenningslx

    can you do barefoot in jeans please

  7. Please do another video

  8. Shoe Size?

  9. why couldn't I be in that car

  10. My name Is anonymous

    Please do that with Nike Air Max

  11. Superduke Superduke

    crush toys or food in crocs uggs nike airs

  12. потрясабще братан, заливай пожалуйста побольше видюх, не останавливайся!!!) Как ты кстате её уговорил? Она знала что те эт по кайфу или как-то развел?

  13. Would you like to step on my dick barefooted?

  14. Great crush…can you crush my die cast models??

  15. Very nice! Please do more toy car crush 🙂

  16. Hello
    You can crush other plastic cars with big pairs of shoes (hiking boots / work shoes / wooden clogs thank you

  17. She is awesome…Complete destruction of that car….Hope to see more of this lady…Thank you……..

  18. Nice Crush wat do you crush more ??

  19. Trampling Lady Jessica by Nikestomper

    Super Crush. Please more 🙂

  20. Thank you for this video! 🙂 Pls do more! 🙂

  21. könntest du dich eventuell auf ein spielzeugauto setzen und das total platt sitzen?

  22. will you please pop a ball? xx

  23. please you can buttcrush a toy car?

  24. Nice crush 🙂 !!!

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