Girl dance with light up shoes – Wax Motif – Krush Groove

Girl dance with light up shoes – Wax Motif – Krush Groove

- in Women Sneakers


  1. amani imani amani

    wau this is amazing .cantik betul kasut dacing

  2. Wow….wow

  3. I have those shoes but in color it's purple

  4. that was amazing

  5. I want to know how to dance like that

  6. super duper

  7. my cosine she is doing the same thing and I love to look at her when she dance like that

  8. Ernesto Del Rio

    Me when I realize Im on Vacations.

  9. Mr. Sneakerhead

    those ugly

  10. Estefano Castro

    I love those shoes :3 !!!!

  11. Cutest Bossatron

    if I could be anyone I'd be her

  12. Charlotte Guldie

    woow amazing work❤

  13. saldirin turkler

  14. Bundan bende istiyorum.AYAKKABIDAN DEĞİL 😀

  15. She looks like daniel brelogi I don't even know how to write her weird name

  16. she can dance

  17. song ?

  18. what is this type of dancing called please answer me

  19. I am here cause Im the first one to notice this is Sombras new anniversary dace for OverWatch

  20. AnotherRandomViewer

    This is the hottest thing ever

  21. So fucking cringy.

  22. mato pasic 195o

    jahaja hahahah hahaha tjats isnt damcimg tjats shit

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