Girl sniffs her DC sneakers in the car

Girl sniffs her DC sneakers in the car

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  1. Damn, Imagine getting attached to sniffing her sneaker! Hell She might end up making you worship her feet! Most girls would do that! Just saying!

  2. I want to smell woman sneakers. I'm sure they smell cheese. Female feet are the best. I find it pretty when she wears shoes, flats, moccasins, boots or others without socks.

  3. I wold like my plismoll ball crush tonight I live in Allstion my houes number is 35 I live in apt A ready now

  4. can I please have a smell of your shoes

  5. José Ignacio Martinez

    porque hueles la zapatilla

  6. José Ignacio Martinez


  7. I Love Lacing My DCs Like That But i Dont Know How. I Love Wearing Them Extremely loose. You Should Make A Video Where You Draw On Them And Decorate Them

  8. can I buy her shoes

  9. jose ignacio Martinez Cano

    por que jueles la zapatilla

  10. I'm 17 can I smell them

  11. I'll smell them for you hotness. I'll smell any hot sexy teen girls shoes or socks anytime any day

  12. can i buy ur dcs and socks

  13. Might wanna wash your feet socks and shoes

  14. pass them to me I'll sniff them all day

  15. Wats ur shoe size? And u got kik?

  16. I know how she feels because Ellie's sneakers smell strong. they are strong as hell I have to discharge 12 shots with a cap gun

  17. can I please smell your shoes

  18. looking good

  19. I will cum in it while smelling

  20. Those r some big shoes! Gotta be like what 10 11?

  21. Was she barefoot in those shoes

  22. let me smell them

  23. It's a talent she can make lots of money my skype is boefje245

  24. wth?  people are so stupid sometimes. this is what she really wants the world to see her do on youtube?    lol 


  26. Wish I was with a girl like that! Reminds me of Danielle my girl back at home! Her feet really stunk bad! But it turned me on! Love ya Danielle

  27. She's very beautiful my type of woman

  28. what does this have to do with james joyce?!

  29. Are her feet stinky

  30. sniff it good….

  31. OMG!!!
    I´d like too smell this schoe all day long.
    where are you from?? <3

  32. oh yeah…sniff it.

  33. How bad did the shoe smell

  34. Youmustlike Slickk

    I will too 😛

  35. have the girl maybe Facebook ? very cute im also young and cute :)) please Write me 🙂

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