Girl take off shoes

Girl take off shoes

- in Women Sneakers


  1. where is this from?

  2. good to see a girl who wears sneakers without socks and walks barefoot in house

  3. Well, sometimes people don't wear socks with sneakers.

  4. Cute toes. I think I'm getting a boner.

  5. I'd love to take off her sneakers & socks (if she is wearing any socks.

  6. wear are her socks!!

  7. Guglielmo Carnevali

    ho messo mi piace
    ma .. perche questo video?

  8. If only YouTube came with smelly vision

  9. Какого хера это сучка обула свои ёбанные кроссовки на голую ногу?! Чё, ненавидит н***и! What to fuck this bitch take her fuckin sneakers on barefoot foot, she is hate socks?!

  10. Oh so beautuful!!! Barefoot in those sneakers!!! Please make a vid zooming in on the nikes and her feet while she's putting them on and of and on and of etc… for 10 minutes

  11. Too blurry.  Can barely make out her feet at all.  And why does it cut to her walking towards the camera so quickly, before she even gets her other shoe off?

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