Girl Wears Wrong Shoes to Graduation, Falls Hard

Girl Wears Wrong Shoes to Graduation, Falls Hard

- in Women Sneakers


  1. SSSniperBoy2038

    People in the crowd though!!!!!

  2. I am glade I am a male no worries for the heels but still if i was a girl i wouldn't wear hills on a graduation just in case if i fall O_o

  3. Finesse

  4. she took so long to fall

  5. Connie Maheswaren

    her ankles said no but her shoes said yes

  6. Lynda Stephenson


  7. etuboldon boldon

    don cornelius wilson with the soooouuullll train!

  8. Girl crawl back to you seat, save yourself more embarrassment. Ugh I feel bad, but it's funny. Lol

  9. Dulce Rodriguez

    the longest yard…

  10. DaCarla Howard

    I knew this was gonna end bad the moment I seen her take her first step. Lol poor chile

  11. camee michelle

    lmbo…poor thing…wedges and grass is an awful pairing..not to mention her shoes look too big.

  12. Every graduating student's WORST NIGHTMARE! My goodness 0.0

  13. Marie Bodensiek

    She looks like a zombie from the walking dead. Poor thing…

  14. Walking into summer school like

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