Girls: Do You Like Guys in Cool Shoes?

Girls: Do You Like Guys in Cool Shoes?

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  1. gemma palakulangara

    hey I all ready have a girlfriend no need to ask me

  2. Do guys like when girls have shoe game?

  3. I wear my Air Jordans because I love them and I wanted a pair since I was a kid.
    I don't really care if women find then unattractive, I just love to wear my AJ1, 4 and 6. I love OG retro sneakers and I am not fan of today's design.

  4. Boi why the fuck ass shirt and Jordan's

  5. Boi why the fuck ass shirt and Jordan's

  6. nope not at all i bet i have more swag then your ass boy

  7. I don't no and I'm a boy so you ask me

  8. I think it depends on the girl. I personally love sneakers myself so I like a man that has nice shoes and takes care of them! I hate seeing guys with dirty / extremely beat up shoes…its a turn off.

  9. The question asked in the title, can best be answered as to what age group of women your trying to pick up. I don't give a F what new Jordans are coming out and unless your in high school, neither should you.  I personally am not attracted to a man who's obsessed with his sneakers. I'm also 28 not 20, good credit impresses me, not 50 pairs of Jordans in every color in the god damn RAINBOW!!! Do they secretly have a vagina??!! You don't need all this shit!!! Not to mention, I'm not into competing for closet space. The guys who drop all their $$$ on sneaks, are usually the same guys who wear flat brimmed hats and over sized Tees. Which I don't understand why guys drop all their $ on a style that wont get them a job or be presentable to eat at a nice restaurant? Get the dress shoes. 

  10. I like the guys who wear NICE shoes. But i hate when all the guys talk about their shoes, it's so stupied

  11. Hm, I don't really like those guys who wear "cool" shoes. I'm not saying I might not find a guy who'd I like with "cool shoes", but I think a sincere person doesn't give a f*ck about whether it is a brand name shoe, or a ratty 5 year old pair. Actually the rattier the better. But this is only my view…

  12. bitchs live a man with a mean ass shoe game

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