Girls Love Shoes- Bad Girl (lyrics)

Girls Love Shoes- Bad Girl (lyrics)

- in Women Sneakers


  1. YEARS ago I was into lps and I got this song stuck in my head resently and googled it. Memories lmao. This is actually a good song

  2. lps popular!!

  3. I feel as if 90% of people are here because of Lps Popular. Don't worry I am too XD

  4. came here for popular

  5. I just came here because Lps Popular.

  6. Stephanie Borges Wetherell

    my little pony from yum soda pinkies revenge gota check her out on youtube mlp rock

  7. lps popular

  8. who came here because of LPS popular???

  9. You came here because of lps popular right?

  10. I love this song

  11. Bruh_itz_izzy021 89

    50% they came from lps
    20% first
    10% try to sing this song
    5% dance
    5% show to their friends
    4%just sit there and write a comment
    6% I just needed a one more thing so I could add up all and make 100%

  12. Heard this on LPS Popular and i said "gotta see it" but wow not a bad song 🙂

  13. Who else came from I think MLP Stop Motion?

  14. Isabella Schneider

    This brings back so many memories!! OF LPS POPULAR!

  15. Flippy Girl Productions

    Lps Popular anyone?

  16. I didn't realize how well this fit LPS popular lol

  17. crybaby patdtop fan

    all the comments are about lps.popular lmao

  18. Thumbs up if you did not like the song if you don't then you can dislike the comment

  19. When i heard this I thought she said "Shes a big bear" XD instead of "Shes a bad girl" WOW.

  20. Angie Lps Pink Diomond Superfan

    anyone else here because of lps popular?

  21. xXxTaylerTehNekoxXx

    Half of everyone came from lps popular. I came cause I was searching for a different song ._.

  22. Who came here from Lps Popular??

  23. Lps popular brought me here

  24. this fucking song; bad lps memories lmao

  25. тσу ѕαяαн тнє ¢нι¢кєи fσχ •ω•

    lps popular song

  26. i love this song

  27. lps memories

  28. RhettandLinkLover 1499

    Here from LPS popular

  29. Isabella Schneider

    Love this song SOOO MUCH

  30. lps popular was the shit back then

  31. LPs popular

  32. Preston Schneider

    my sister is a bad girl….

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