Girl’s sick dance moves while wearing LED shoes

Girl’s sick dance moves while wearing LED shoes

- in Women Sneakers


  1. Celina Aeshliman

    i dance like that on accident lol

  2. song is fantastic

  3. her name is gabby David and she is the most nicest girl you could ever meet

  4. I wanna see the whole dance

  5. I got LED shoes and I love them

  6. I wouldn't pull out….

  7. En direct de la place du village!

  8. Heromit's video brought me here

  9. Anybody knows this location? Cool background

  10. What type of dance is that? Looks fun to learn. Noticed some shuffle elements, but that's about it.

  11. your dancing is amazing

  12. batty

  13. Alexandra Grosse

    Der Ton wo ihr seid der nervt wen du also das Mädchen die Geräusche macht mit den Schuhen

  14. Sickkk

  15. Selcan Suna Elibol

    what music?

  16. i like IT!!

  17. ahh what brand of shoes are they

  18. she was doing good..until that whip

  19. Where do u buy those at ?

  20. i came from Steve Aoki

  21. What's wrong with her dance moves? she's Groovin like hell

  22. Lol

  23. Still watching girl and you're still awesome!!

  24. PéniszpörkölőVEV0

    Well, at least she is not twerking…

  25. Doublelegtakedown

    Just raped the replay button into hyperspace.

  26. Beata Daunoravičiūtė

    song name?

  27. Those prevent people from stepping into dogshit, the lights.

  28. Omg, your awesome!!! I wish it was longer. Make more!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  29. she can't dance though

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