- in Women Sneakers

Song Used: What you need-Baynk
A What is your favorite sport? Dancing/skiing/Where are you from? Utah ? What is your favorite hobby? Doing makeup/photography Favorite vacation spot? Caribbean. Please subscribe if you like the content I make! I hope you all have a good day!


  1. What size are the yeezys ? And what size do u wear in women's

  2. what size did you get for the yeezy? and sick collection those AF1 were dope

  3. Focus sishdjshd

    What size are you

  4. Simplynick25 extra

    You don't look like the type to wear sneakers, you look like one of those girls that wear white converse, slip on vans or adidas superstars, but nice video tho !!

  5. Kennedy Taylor

    Next time you should zoom in on the shoe more! It was a bit hard to see

  6. Tone Blazcrofski

    Nice ass. Wait. WHAT ASS. LOL Gotta love white girls. Hypin shit that's not hype and sporting ugly MEN'S shoes. Lol

  7. Milk 2 Percent

    Just saying yezzys look ugly asF my opinion so don't get butthurt chat

  8. You should add background music to ur vids

  9. Sebastian Tenbergen

    Send me a dm on Instagram @sebastiantenbergen

  10. Hey! I love your channel so much!! I was wondering if you would possibly want to do a collaboration video with me? I have about 90 subscribers and I'm really wanting to grow my channel! It would be so amazing! And we could do a super fun video together ? contact me at…

  11. what shoes do you own other than sneakers?

  12. Oh Noes Kicks

    the yeezy thumbnail got me, but your collection is solid!! great video!

  13. will you continue to only mak3 sneaker videos?

  14. Where do you get most of your shoes?

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