- in Women Sneakers


  1. oakcliffscrewhead

    WTF was the point of this video?

  2. Hey bro if you get a chance go to the Ross in the forum they have sf red and white af1’s and they also have some other cool stuff

  3. this guy always saying you know how I’m saying like 300 times a video

  4. Bianca Wyngaarden

    This is nice but you should have given both the girls one not just one

  5. Dem southwest girls @ 8:00

  6. The guy behind you literally checked his glasses just like that 4:43

  7. Fax!!! Don't date gold diggers

  8. Jay money Man 3.0

    Can you do a smartphone from wish that looks like a samsung . please like this comment

  9. 1:51 the girl that gets the gift whats her ig anyone?

  10. That’s crazy bro if you going to give ppl some Gucci make sure it’s Authentic.

  11. Atleast its something

  12. Central Texas Fire Response Videos

    7:48 out of nowhere he just starts talking about how he’s going to release merch lol

  13. ThAnks so much dude, I’m glad that they were happy, college is hard

  14. 3:53 felt bad for the other girl

  15. Hey Tim just wondering if are there air max 270 steals in the outlet stores that ranges only $100 and below?

  16. steven campbell

    You could give homeless people meals but you give college girls Gucci – a high dude

  17. Felipe Gutierrez


  18. The best youtuber

  19. whorechatta chichi

    Btw I saw a guy put his glasses on

  20. Wasn't the last girl from Foot Locker?

  21. I feel sorry fir the second girl should have got her something real at the exd

  22. Rah this guy really desperate for views

  23. Bruh at least give two pieces of real Gucci

  24. Only goes up to cute girls

  25. Bro you are the funniest dude i know.#favoriteyoutuber

  26. 7:10 "don't date gold diggers" – advice from tim

  27. Billy Terwilliger

    Is it real gucci tho

  28. Your brand New Kid

    a lucid dream
    I project myself on you, then back to me
    There's a reason that she doesn't call me back
    It's the way, it is the way it really seem
    There's a vision of an altar now, me and the one
    Some passing on and out
    (And out, and out)
    It wasn't something that I thought about
    But knew that you were absolute in doubt

  29. sam smily tube 100

    Fan of legit nation

  30. Gerardo Orellana

    If You love legit Nation give these a like

  31. Where is the second part

  32. Josiah martinez

    I saw you recording this on Thursday lol

  33. 9:25 omg bruh she said she has to go GET A FUCKING HINT

  34. Cool video!!

  35. What a bangerrrt

  36. Lol the second girls reaction “ I don’t care! It looks real”

  37. Xxx GETxBODIED xxX

    Was the Gucci sweater real

  38. What a plot twist i didn't expect that to happen

  39. LOL great vid again

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