Halloween Trick or Treat – Girl Prank Calls Dad About Killer Clown

Halloween Trick or Treat – Girl Prank Calls Dad About Killer Clown

- in Women Sneakers


  1. ATTENTION!! The house you see in this video is our old house. We have moved into a new house much closer to the beach in South Carolina on June 5th 2017. Moving into our new house has nothing to do with scary clowns. We moved because of personal reasons due to personal information being leaked on social media which has already been deleted but could have already been read by a potential stalker. Another reason was strict HOA neighborhood rules and dad having to sleep with two guns and a taser by next to his pillow when he sleeps at night. See our latest videos at our new house.

  2. Frsncisco Carrillo

    How is the clown thing

  3. A clown made two schools shut down

  4. Ol of you

  5. You are the best at nothing

  6. You are just making it up

  7. u r so mean to ur dad u r gonna give him a heart attack

  8. I have red checks too

  9. I'm 7 years old and your the only channel I watch the most

  10. Brook'Lynn Sample

    You don't need make up to make yourself beautiful

  11. Do. You. Life. in. Ohio

  12. I have that too

  13. Brianna still looks cute don't matter she has makeup on or no makeup on

  14. I love here mooooooooooooooooooooooore

  15. Same costume as Kaitlyn when I was younger it was so cute

  16. Clownall4tUbekids

  17. This video was he day after my grandmother was killed

  18. Who rang the doorbell

  19. Please make videos of you guys at the hunted house

  20. love you guys and can you Mack more videos


  22. that looks like the mall i go to excaclly like it wvm

  23. I want more clowns in the videos please

  24. Rouse family rouse family

    Hi love ❤️ your videos

  25. 3 xtreme racers//extreme green racer

    what happened to there mom

  26. Caitlins so cute!!!!!


    omg kaytlin is so cute

  28. Ellabae Johnson I didn't

  29. I'm 9 years old

  30. brianna you should not play around whith the clown thing

  31. the snake prank she was talking about that was a long time ago when she was little

  32. October 30 oh boy dad and his little daughter goes out and go trick or treat and his middle age daughter prank calls him into thinking that the clown is here and dad gets worried hurried back to the house and his daughter told him that she pranked him he got so mad that he doesn't that was funny

  33. Who noticed the apple logo is the messed up in the thumbnail

  34. katlien is so cute like if you agree

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