Halsey Goes Sneaker Shopping With Complex

Halsey Goes Sneaker Shopping With Complex

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  1. she honestly picked all the dope ones

  2. Ninja would be cool

  3. I want y’all to do kylie Jenner and Travis Scott next

  4. Why do girls always have to make shit about them being girls, shit hella annoying, people stay dividing each other and screaming equality at the same time

  5. Carol Brady is that you boo?

  6. She looks like the mom from parent trap

  7. Please do these more often~
    .most underrated interview series.

  8. Bruh

    Halsey higkey cute af

  9. zainabhussainZM08


  10. Her voice is so soothing lol

  11. i cant get over her look.. pass

  12. Mathias Lindroth

    FUck she said something about zodiac signs and shit, at 3:19. I just paused directly after and I'm now considering not watching the rest

  13. Elizabeth Walker-Weakley

    5:37 : the shoes with the palm tree leaves are heaven

  14. her breathing is annoying

  15. Her smile just makes me so happy

  16. Gabriela Radeva

    isn't it funny how all "bisexual" celebs are allllll dating men? Say you like experimenting… bisexual my ass.

  17. Rabija Alickovic

    the girl at the register seemed so annoyed wtf lmao


  19. Y she look like kris Kardashian in the thumbnail

  20. New Balance’s are classics, everyone in my city (DC) either had a pair or wanted a pair growing up. Even today they are still popular. Everyone get off his back with the “dad shoe” jokes lol. Peace to all ✌️

  21. Millie Bobby brown and Hasley areeeeeee twinssssss omgggg

  22. She assumes we're all gay

  23. So big headed

  24. anthony maldonado

    Dude I one time saw these vans that had like the spike looking things that some Adidas have and I never saw those vans again if anyone can find them send them to me I saw them in grey and like a navy blue color old school colab

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