Hermes Haul (Men’s Sneakers)

Hermes Haul (Men’s Sneakers)

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  1. TheTerrellwill1 the name is TIE BREAK .

  2. Are there any other style of Hermes shoes?
    I see many from www buistore co 
    Price is OK ,many choice on that ..i want to know the shipping date!

  3. Just killed the one they call Montana LoL go check him out he got a lot if shit but no these

  4. i'm more of dior/ysl sneakers 🙂

  5. nothing wow about them…..i would have gotten another style to be honest with you…..

  6. damn this dudes high class killin it. If you wanna score at PLNDR . com or KARMALOOP, use the REP CODE: 9144 to save 20% on your first purchase and 10% on every purchase after. Plus you can use a rep code and combine it with any other of the col promos they always got goin on. They both sell badasss threads and sneakers. thanks

  7. whats the offical name of the shoe?

  8. i really like the quickers as well, actually more than these. These show up on the website every so often.

  9. I don't want to be a hater or troll, but i believe that those sneakers for their price are incredibly underwhelming. I am sure that the build quality and leather is top notch, but design wise it is just, blah.

  10. They usually mail them out or I have seen them in the store.

  11. How do I get ahold of a Hermes catalogue? I've been searching forever and saw on your blog you regularly get them…

  12. yeah when your pants are over it you can't even see

  13. Ight cool bro cant wait to see it lol

  14. I think I'm going to the mall today so ill pick up some stuff and film it

  15. do you have any new burberry stuff or louie belts? or anything lol your reviews are great

  16. Yes of course, do you have any suggestions?

  17. Ight are you doing more reviews?

  18. They are on the Hermes website

  19. Nice sneaker Bro How much it cost?

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