How I Style | Sneakers

How I Style | Sneakers

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  1. Валерия Иванова

    Move To The google search And then Type: Couponsecrx This is going to be the purely working adidas promo codes working these days. Do not waste your entire precious time in some other software

  2. Do you wear them sockless?

  3. hi what sunglasses are you wearing with the adidas? the link to the sunglass does not work now.

  4. woww all sneakers are cool

  5. why's everybody saying that the superstar shoes are so expensive seriously I bought a pair of them with 500£ only it was a great bargain

  6. WAIT, did you always have snapchat?? I don't always see the description but I didn't see your link in your home page. You should put it on! I am gonna so follow you!!!

  7. Dr galati kapil.sharma show

  8. Агнесса Тарзалайнен

    You're very beautiful

  9. can you please tell me where you got your tattered shorts? 🙁

  10. you are insanely gorgeous

  11. This helped me so much! Thank you:)!

  12. I liked the adidas the best! I'm wondering if I should get more sneakers since I only have one pair of running shoes (keds) and I wear them literally all the time because they're just so comfy!

  13. Barefoot?

  14. Enrique Peña Nieto

    what do you mean you're surprised you like sneakers now? You like anything that's on trend, that's what you're about

  15. strawhelyperfectx

    The thing you said about knock off sneakers from Payless is so true.

  16. You are super pretty. I like the 1st outfit best, 3rd outfit 2nd best, and middle outfit last. Anyway, you look great in all!

  17. loved them all!

  18. Can someone tell me what kind if new balances she had on. I tried looking on their website couldn't find them….

  19. Joseph Flanagan

    can I buy any of your sneakers that you don't wear any more

  20. im Chinese but I don't understand the characters on your shirt…

  21. Does Ananlee have a Chanel ?

  22. PaulineePalooza

    I'm 4'11 and I never wanted to wear heels for height. XD I'm like the total opposite of you, all I ever wear is sneakers. And for that one outfit that was more "tomboyish" I'm like what. That looks pretty girly to me since there is a dress involved. But I've been trying to dress more "girly" I guess so I'm just strolling along different outfit videos to get ideas. This definitely help, all the outfits are so cute c:

  23. does anyone know where her headboard is from?

  24. Princess entoinette

    can u have a video on how to style camisole

  25. the Chinese characters don't make sense at all! lol

  26. Love that nike roche!!

  27. your legs…are so shiny…how

  28. i love you sneakers and your style ! and I've recently wanted to wear sneaker for school but…all i wear are jeans rolled up, so i was wondering if you could do a how i style sneakers w/jeans/etc ! that would be gr8 and if you can't no worries, & thank you (::

  29. All of those sneaker looks are awesome. I really want a pair of adidas superstars myself. Had the chance to buy them when I was in Japan and now I can't find them anywhere! Also you make Nike Roshes look so good.

  30. preciouspassionfruit

    I used to wear sneakers years ago until my friend in high school said they're unfashionable. I've recently been wanting to wear them again b/c they provide better support for my feet. Thank you for highlighting ways to style them! Your sunglasses were also very eye-catching – have you ever made a video about picking out sunglasses for different face shapes? I would love to see one and suggestions on where to find unique/vintage-inspired shades. 🙂 Thanks!

  31. super love this episode! would love to see more sneaker look book !!! 🙂

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