How I Styled These Orange Sneakers | Men's Spring Fashion | Getting Dressed #25

How I Styled These Orange Sneakers | Men's Spring Fashion | Getting Dressed #25

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  1. One Dapper Street

    What do you guys think of the look, will you be wearing brighter colors this Spring?

  2. I love the outfit but I wouldn’t be able to survive in 4 layers during spring

  3. TheMegaBoss1212

    Hey, I have my senior prom coming up, and I'm looking to get a navy blue suit that I can wear to it, and in the future to job interviews. I intend to get it tailored. What brand would you recommend that won't break the bank? Thanks!!

  4. David Zaharie

    There is no freaking way someone uploaded a video about orange fashion yesterday. I love orange but am not really happy with how fleshy and low the colour contrast is, compared to my skin. So excited to watch this! Also, how quickly do sneakers get dirty? Is it worth, getting popping colours or not?

  5. Hjalmar Asbjørn Carlsen

    Man i need help. Where can i get the perfect white t-shirt? ive tried a bunch but they all have their flaws. Is there anything you can recommend?

  6. Randy Ulanday


  7. Hey Marcel!
    How to get physique like you
    I mean skinny lean
    Can you make a video on it?

  8. Dope shoes. Dope style. Dope channel

  9. Christopher Icute

    awesome! love the video i also have orange coach shoes a similar color and it's always a struggle to wear them with a outfit but this video gave me some inspiration on how to wear them thanks!

  10. Burnt orange looks dope !

  11. Gym outfits please

  12. prasanna shrestha

    really like the pop of the spring. Great drops though

  13. El Fish Knows

    Looks really good.

  14. Where can I found this jacket you've worn at first?

  15. So inspiring! As being a minimalist and owning just monochrome stuff this kinda makes me want to experiment a little 🙂 When you make your outfit, do you go by your feeling or do you go by rules?

  16. Back to school for spring bro …..

  17. Dope shoes

  18. TheBestUsername

    Would definitely like to see more ideas for how to wear slightly more unusual colors. I'm definitely stuck in a white/light grey top, Dark Navy/Black bottoms every day habit, and I could use some inspiration to give me some variety.

  19. Collin Broderick

    Dope look, got me excited for spring weather

  20. Олег Xiaomi

    Старьё! Не интересно!!!

  21. Quoc Anh Le Vu

    more about beige plsssss <3

  22. oh i just love u!

  23. Bro make short pant summar fashion video plss

  24. Nicolas Olaya Zuluaga

    You should link the articles used in the video !

  25. جميل جدا

  26. Kanish Dangol


  27. I have orange vans

  28. Orange is the new black. 🙂

  29. ruangan fahmi

    the tried one per one item is classic marcel! it’s like your trademark

  30. Du nimmst ja die Spannung wenn Du in dem Outfit das Video fertig machst mit dem Du endest^^

  31. First!

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