How To Clean White Sneakers | At Home Solutions | Alex Costa

How To Clean White Sneakers | At Home Solutions | Alex Costa

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  1. Hope you guys like it! Don't forget to enter the giveaway on my instagram:
    Cheers and good luck!

  2. Hii Alex advence happy marry Christmas I'm from India

  3. What about prime knit.?

  4. Hey Alex don't have sneaker just my converse blacks so the cleaning kit giveaway won't help me out lol.

  5. I love that hoodie!

  6. Are these cleaning ideas Ok with NON leather sneakers?

  7. Deepto Bhattacharya

    Do you ship that kit to India ?

  8. You should do what are the best shoe brands and shoes for teenagers going into 2019

  9. Alex one heart

  10. Use a senstive toothbrush

  11. Thanks a lot

  12. The spacing of the hoodie's laces bothers me

  13. Couldn't help but admire your watch during the intro… but half of the clasp is hanging open, no worries though dope video as always

  14. Plzz make a video on teenage skin care routine

  15. 2:12 that was funny

  16. Could you do a video on how you pack for different lengths of trips? Like a weekend vs a week long trip?

  17. @alexcosta

    Your hoddies are so cool

  18. Did you just call me a Wiener??

  19. Merry Christmas Alex Costa!

  20. Hey Alex! Please make a video on Your Closet Tour.

  21. Is it me or this guy looks like young John Stamos?

  22. Can I also use my sisters toothbrush or does that not work? I don't want to damage my shoes.

  23. Sayyed Mazhar Abbas

    I will not do that for giveaways because u will not be able to ship the giveaway to India to us

  24. Now I can wear my all white old skools without a worry. Thanks Buddy you're the best.

  25. Guilherme César no Canadá

    Seu inglês está ótimo, Alex .

  26. Does my sisters toothbrush work too?

  27. Man why aren't you using iPhone xs max for showing your Instagram profile in the video ??

  28. As this tooth brush is very useful hahaha…

  29. NAT พาไปเที่ยว

    What about suede Chelsea boot?

  30. I swear that I used my brother's toothbrush last time I cleaned my white sneakers

    It was his old toothbrush don't get it wrong

  31. can i give the brush a big pressure on or will it damage the fabric and the shoe color

  32. 0:59 lol im romanian but i still found that so relatable, i guess they're both latin languages. Words like "dinner" or "this" end up coming out of my mouth like "Deener"and "Dees"
    great vide"o Alex!

  33. Alex Costa could you do a video showing your top 10 favorite sneakers/boots that you own?

  34. THANK U

  35. Nicolai Hartmann

    Puma hoodie? Thought you we wearing Han Kjøbenhavn. Regards, from a Dane 😉

  36. eyyyyy tried evrythinmg / worked

  37. I asked Alex if he could do a video on how to keep your white shoes clean on an earlier video in the comments and he did it!!! You are the best Alex!!!

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