How to Match Your Sneakers To Your Outfit

How to Match Your Sneakers To Your Outfit

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  1. Jared Mohammed

    I'm digging those zipper jeans where did you get them?

  2. Tanmay Nimbalkar

    Are you Indian?

  3. All my sneakers are triple black. Matches just about anything.

  4. Rajendra Kumar

    You look ugly today

  5. Did they ever do the hype beast giveaway?

  6. Damn ….. You've so many sexy watches .

  7. Ismael Elizondo

    Jose you are not Zu(n)iga you are Zu(ñ)iga

  8. Ismael Elizondo

    Video is 5:43, 90% of that time= Sponsor.

  9. Jose the type of zuniga to donate blood to a crip

  10. Yo Jose, can you talk about more nike and jordan? The hype behind Adidas and yeezys and stuff are dying out and Nike and Jordan are really making acomeback. I would love to see you cop a pair of OG Jordan 1s, they are super fire rn.

  11. that necklace is ugly Jose

  12. Jose the type of zuniga to turn a sneaker video into and rose gold & black advert.

  13. I’ve been with the shoe game for some time now and always try my best to match and all, so that tip with wearing neutral colors helped out a lot! Thanks Jose.

  14. what shoes are those Adidas?… like what model?

  15. Before I even clicked the video I saw it was 5 minutes, I figured 3 of those 5 would be an ad, was I wrong?

  16. He needs to show us how he gets his hair cut cuz it’s lookin real good

  17. I wonder how many gf Jose has

  18. What is the wristwatch at 1:05?

  19. What if ur shoes r all high top ,
    And also can u make videos 4 summer wear cuz summer is coming soon n I wanna try to get the cheap ones like u said buy clothes for the opposite season


    How long is your hair? Because I have wavy hair and I want to know if I should make it grow out or cut it shorter

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