How To Start A Sneaker Collection! How To Be A Sneakerhead

How To Start A Sneaker Collection! How To Be A Sneakerhead


  1. What do ya'll think about the JORDON XX's, the high and LOWS… I have those mustard-colored highs, MINT condition… and several pairs of the lows which are TRULY like walking on a cloud… *I'm old-school and still have my original JORDON #1's, in the Original color… and in the Baby-Blue. Are the XX lows and the #1 Jordons in that Carolina Blue still available today?

  2. do u where all those sneakers or u jus collect?

  3. Patrick Ellison

    Need some help!!! Jordan 5am size 14

  4. My first pair were the retro 13s

  5. That boy Guillermo

    I got Marvin the Martian 7s at the Nike outlet for 120

  6. My first sneaker was an adidas xplr and the other one is the nike air force 1

  7. give me money and i will teach you how to make your own collection dude WTF

  8. Were my first

  9. Air Jordan 31

  10. My first sneakers were Jordan 1’s

  11. try put the app goat

  12. How do i found out the right price for sneakers

  13. I pick up dog shit:(

  14. I was wondering where you buy the shoe racks from and what their called, im tryin to get my collection up and wat to store them like most sneakerheads please email me back.

  15. LucaDollarProductions

    My first Jordan's (and only Jordan's) are the Jordan formula 23's

  16. Yo, never seen this guy on YouTube before, never heard of him, just a suggested video, but MAJOR respect for saying what you did. Telling people to go with what they like and not follow the pure hype train, telling people to ball on a budget and get what they can actually enjoy, that's dope. Earned a sub.

  17. Cop what you like, but sometimes you also gotta cop the hype even if you hate it so you can resell to make $$$ to build your collection.

  18. Is east bay trusted

  19. Truth

  20. i plan on trying to do some sneaker videos this give me some good ideas

  21. Why don't you have subs ?

  22. its just a doubt for me,is nike liteforce 3 an original product from nike ,pls reply

  23. mine started with a pair of huraches

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