1. How to start a sneaker collection
    Step 1: Buy sneakers
    Step 2: Resell those sneakers
    Step 3: Repeat

  2. I use all my lunch money for sneakers but then there are kids around my life whos parents are like here take these shoes but they dont give af like they dont know what air forces are but they are wearing em

  3. What is the name of the Nike shoe he held in his hand

  4. Jaye Play To Much

    Exactly that's why i got over 60 sneakers. But only 1 i got that's over 100. Once i get up too 100 sneakers. Then imma worry about the quality.

  5. Where’s the best place to sell? I’m 12 years old

  6. Yeah basically you need BOTS or a whole lot of money……I hated waking up hella early to camp out at the Shoe Store but at least my chances was better back then than they are now. L's for days.

  7. I started my
    Collection like 3 weeks ago and I’ve beenn using your method, I’m up about 13 pairs of shoes, mixed up, Jordan Nike adida, clean colorways.. they aren’t top notch heat but it keeps my rotation clean asf. Just copped some yeezy calabasas, the grey jawns

  8. I have 4 shoe is that a calection

  9. I'm the same as you bro i started loving sneakers when I'm 17 years old

  10. Tiger25NYC Brooklyn

    Those classic Nikes are quality. It's Feb 2018 I'm starting a sneaker collection rite now I have 2 Jordan 15, 2 vapormax, 2 Jordans and 2 Foamposite that's only ,in 2 1/2 months

  11. Nathan rojons nice

  12. Ken Sosa I loved um I say it was bige smalls

  13. The Marko Polo Program

    For you newband true sneakerheads, including myself, consider Reebok's. Such as, Ventilators, Classics, Club Cs. They're extremely underrated, clean and most of all, affordable.

  14. Dee Roberts Deemegaman

    Starting my collection this year was easy, I got the shoes no one else really got to collect, #jordan13addict #jordan6rings #jumpmanteam2s Got 2 12s.

  15. A lot of people think if you dont habe retros you aint shit. Basically hypebeasts. I was heavy into shoes and yehacthose were poppin too but mainly people bought what they liked. Didnt matter if they were gr or not. Now theres a lot of kids clowning on gr's and only wanting the most hyped up shit out.

  16. My mom gave me some LeBron 12 Easter and Jordan's how much money do you think I could make cause I'm 12

  17. I love heat that’s how I’ve always been it’s always been quality for me since middle school my first pair of heat were the Concord 11s when they first dropped in 2011. I 7th grade after that after turning so many heads I just like the feeling. I mean I kinda grew into buying GR kicks that I like too but I need heat at the same time I’m not a hype beast but if it’s nice and everyone knows its heat imma cop it

  18. Hi tony!!! I'm starting up my own clothes, shoes and bag line soon. Please follow my Instagram @elitedesign19 . thank you!

  19. Most important thing is never worry about hype because you will never be able to like any shoe if you worry about the hype.

  20. W I S D O M

  21. I don’t know how to make money. My parents are divorced and I make good grades but I’m not rich so it’s harder. I’m finna save my money and invest to see how I can make a sneaker collection

  22. Haven't really stared my sneaker collection might start it with the unc 6s

  23. I'm researching bc my 12 year old wants to start a collection that he can eventually sell.

  24. What are those 50$ Nike shoes called

  25. itzNatedog gaming


  26. What are those Nike shoes

  27. loved it. the part about having multiple pairs instead if just one is really good advice and ill def use it. subscribed

  28. Brent Richardson

    Do a vid on how to move out your parents crib

  29. Man get them shoes on a discount sale

  30. Hands be moving too much

  31. 10:00 lmao that example is exactly how it be

  32. Robj2323 Johnson

    You hit it right on the head that's what's up

  33. Lincoln Buccieri

    Your vids are fuckin cash. Keep doing your thing!

  34. Gerardo Hernandez

    Im an average 14 yr old have 1 job but only every saturday I work

  35. Gerardo Hernandez

    just started my sneaker collection 2 weeks ago got bred 13's 2017 release and NYC 10's so far hope it grows

  36. I have 400 ready to go and i really want to make some good money and im willing to wait, what should i do? Tony? Anyone?

  37. Oh man godamm

  38. What are those shoes at 10:23

  39. A good way to make money is mowing! I had some neighbors moving in, once they were moved in I went over to their house said hi said welcome to the neighborhood and said hey just let me know if you want me to mow or anything! Now I'm making around $90 a week between different people for mowing

  40. Too all those young folks out there, Tony stated some amazing facts not just to how to start a sneaker collection but if you follow this will help you even in the future.

  41. NBA News And More

    I started with some roshes now I have 8 pair of nmds and 4 ultra boost with some roshes and Kobes

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