1. Fuunnyomidia. Gonzales

    Thanks boss

  2. dude said $12k a year on shoes he buggin

  3. Pawn shops . dope/pill heads need that cash and will sell some goood sneakers to get cash fast

  4. I've been lookn at different sneakerheads on how to startup a shoe collection & one thing they all say is to WAIT & BE PATIENT! I've been collecting now for over 8 yrs & that couldn't be so true! Shoes that I've seen years ago that I couldn't get because they were over my price range have dropped & now it's time for me to copp! #sneakerheadgoals

  5. iiisxphine Plays

    Who has the most sneakers cjsocool or you?

  6. bro what sneakers is that on 4:05 ? thanks

  7. All about A dolla jah

    What’s the name of the song @ the end of the video?

  8. Great tips. Just want to start a sneake collection, and I just subscribe bro.

  9. How much did you charge for fixing sneakers?

  10. What industrial racks are those , I’ve been wanting to get some exactly like those

  11. Hey man ive been collecting for years and have over 100 pairs but all of these tips were still super helpful. Thanks for looking out man

  12. I miss the old days man ;(

  13. Donny Boi The Clout God

    So generic

  14. First step is to be a Douchbag.

  15. Good video

  16. patience is DEFINITELY the tip everyone needs haha so many times i’ve had grails fall in my lap for a good price randomly

  17. Just posted my sneaker collection! Def check it out!

  18. you can do it

  19. Great video, and information I need to take some advice

  20. Don’t do it with credit cards hahaha

  21. some good stuff in this vid

  22. Invest in shoe trees, sneaker shields and sneaker cleaning products

  23. Step 1: but shoes
    Step 2: but another Shoe
    Step 3 : repeat both step 1 and 2 in any order

  24. Alex you killin it! Got me on those hypeland slides haddd to cop

  25. GREAT VID!!

  26. Gang gang noti gang

  27. Oliver Del Napoles Baroman


  28. instantklassicks

    Tip #1: Don’t.

  29. I sell sneakers for a year now, no matter what brand it is, as long as Im making money im good. like 20-30$ per shoes im good. I have 20 pairs of jordan 1 now including ow 1s and all the money that ive used to buy them were from the profit that I got from selling. So everytime I see them I can simply say that I got them for free.


  31. Wear your sneaker bro your an inspiration!! Tee came in dope brand !!

  32. I’m in high school, just got a job this summer and I’m finally able to start a collection. Just copped the international flight 12s

  33. My boy looking like Rufio!

  34. MyNameIsMyName187

    Buy Sneakers….

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