HOW TO STYLE CONVERSE | 4 Easy Outfits For Men 2018 | Alex Costa

HOW TO STYLE CONVERSE | 4 Easy Outfits For Men 2018 | Alex Costa

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  1. Hope you guys like these 4 outfits styled with Converse! Which was your favorite? PS – Check the description to see the list of items I wore 🙂
    Have a great day,

  2. Who are the sunglasses by? Been looking for an alternative to ray bans.
    Keep up the good work!

  3. Matheus Cristian

    What's the name of song??

  4. Anthony Escobar

    Where is that backpack from?

  5. Sanju John Sensitive

    Nice video @Alexcosta Hats off you

  6. Are the red ones out of style ?

  7. Mohd Affiq Mohd Aliff

    The first outfit you’re wearing with that sunglasses, dior sunglasses right?

  8. Abhitej Singh Bhullar

    Which is better Converse sneaker: High tops or low ones ???

  9. Alphonse Agena

    This can definitely be a Converse commercial! Love it!

  10. Thiru Venkatesh

    Do Stripe T-Shirt Outfits

  11. How Are u My Much Inspiring Why???? We also Want to be

  12. alexcosta your tall 1,75 ?


  14. Justin Shaffer

    You should do one on how to style Vans

  15. hello Mr.costa I'm from India and I request you to make a video on photoshoot poses for men and the right expression…. please brother

  16. Houston Killer

    Bro, Broooo. Thanks for the video. You are the best YT I know

  17. Bro i have red convers what would look good

  18. Yo Alex, just found your videos today and gotta say I’m super inspired dude! You’ve got another subscriber here. Seriously though, thanks for taking the time to help us out man. Quick question: any chance you’d do a video on workout tips? Style’s a big part of the equation but also want the physique to back it up!

  19. Erick Hernandez

    Song ?

  20. Ok i was watching back at the KSI VS joe weller thing when they were at upload and i swear to god i saw You there at KSI's panel

  21. How tall are you?

  22. sick video!

  23. You should make a video were you go to someone and you legit give them a complete closet Make over.

  24. Worth leaving Google

  25. Master-K real H

    Bruh this video is freaking amazing, I like each one of the outfits and they fit nice on point…check me out on IG @masterkrealhyhn

  26. Alex! You really like converse huh? ;D

  27. Can you make a video what's inside your laptop

  28. Your style and dressing sense is awesome

  29. Awesome as always , plz also make a video on chelsea boots

  30. Damn! he knows how to dress like a real stud

  31. Introverted Dawg

    Thank you so much for doing what you do, Alex. My life changed a lot in the past few months thanks to you, TMF and Alpha m. My confidence levels are off the roof! Love from India

  32. Absolutely love the black CDG Play hightop sneaker!

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