How To Style Sneakers | Outfit Ideas

How To Style Sneakers | Outfit Ideas

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  1. The first one was next level gorgeous

  2. Great videography by Shubham, loved the shots, saw the pictures too and they look great as well, loved it overall and amazing editing ishita! You underestimate your editing abilities. I will say that you’re better than me.

  3. Sonali Maringmei

    Love all your outfits Ishita.!!

  4. God you look sizzling and you are just rocking in these outfits ❤️❤️❤️

  5. You are aaaa-mazing girl.. love your content and youu.. blazer look was my personal fav in the video..

  6. What song is this????

  7. Top class editing (in each of your videos), loved how you paired sneakers with all kinds of dresses.. My personal favourite is with the skirt and camouflage pants.. And nice music.. Keep rocking ❤️

  8. amazing work, totally love this video ❣️❣️

  9. You r sooo cool # keep going ♥️ love yaa

  10. Great camera work and great editing. Your every video is so aesthetic to watch. Keep going girl, much love <3

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