How to Style: White Sneakers || Men’s Fashion 2019 || New Republic, Nike, Valentino

How to Style: White Sneakers || Men’s Fashion 2019 || New Republic, Nike, Valentino

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  1. The Adiddas hybrid and New Republic are awesome

  2. Same here. The last 2 pairs aren't for me though. Just dont know why

  3. SO much talking guys. Maybe better to show more in action.

  4. The only trainers that interest me are the lacoste in the thumbnails that weren't in the video lol

  5. This is a cool video guys. Would love to hear your guys views on the Onitsuka Tiger and Feiyue and also how would you dress it up or down. Thanks guys

  6. Love you guys but no white/white af1 lows?!?!?

  7. Gents it would be a boring old world if we all agreed and followed the same drummer,
    i think your doing great things with your channel but i am old school and trainers, sorry sneakers
    [i,m a limey ] for me belong in the gym and with jeans ect never with a suit it just looks
    wrong .But thats just this old farts view.All the best keep up the good work and
    look forward to more quality content from you both.

  8. I just bought white shoes yesterday

  9. I'll take one pair of CPs over six New Republics. New Republics are trash in terms of quality compared to CPs.

  10. -i like (white) sneakers that are low profile, especially for occasions when i wanna wear them with jeans or chinos. common projects are freakin nice, but they are super expensive. so other styles that are similar looking will be a go-to.
    -chuck taylors aren't really my kinda thing. and nmd, flyknit and the last 2 pairs are okay i think, but i wouldn't wear them with jeans/chinos often. only when i am feeling lazy to have something that's more put together. otherwise, i think they will look best with athleisure outfits because of their structure – they look similar to workout shoes than sneakers to look stylish, imo.

  11. Blake´s arms are getting bigger

  12. Armstrong Victor

    How about black? 🙁

  13. Wo that last pair is like nursing home specials you see at Walmart for $16 tops. You were just testing to see if anyone was paying attention right. Those got to go dude. What's wrong with you.

  14. Great video gentlemen✌

  15. My only white Santoni sneaker is pretty much at the end of its cycle, where I don‘t even care anymore if someone spills a drink over it. So either it‘s gonna be a pair of Common Projects or New Republics. Not a huge fan of the athleisure ones.

  16. Rakesh Rajkumar meitei

    For casual lifestyle shoes no.1 goes to new republic

    new republic
    that Italian shoe
    chuck taylor
    trainers shoe and

  17. Chris Stephenson

    $60 New Republic, where?

  18. Converse One Star Prime is my go to, low, white sneaker. Chuck’s are a given. They have a category of their own & may actually be the most “universal” shoe on the planet?

  19. I dont mind People dressing the way they want but suit whit sneakers really hurt the eyes

  20. Surprised that Adidas Stan Smith didn’t make the list.

  21. What a cool cool video I just enjoy you guys channel so much keep up the great work

  22. Can u tell me the name of the sneaker with the blue stripe on it

  23. I don't know why but both of you look more and more like gays when you really are not.

  24. Guys, this is one of the best videos you've put out in terms of flow and conversation. Super smooth, casual and natural. Keep it up!

  25. Try water resistant spray on them. Will help with stains also.

  26. Vincenzo Chariandy

    Great vid as always guys

  27. Dang I never thought about driving and how it gets the heel dirty. No wonder they invented “driving mocs.”

  28. What are your thoughts on the Gucci ace now? I saw a previous video you guys did and you seemed to like them ok if I remember. How do they compare to the high end models you mentioned here? Pair you had still around, did they hold up?

  29. Do a vid for teen style PLZZZZZZ

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