How To Tie Mens Shoelaces – Boots, Loafers, Dress Shoes, Sneakers, Suede, Waxed, Round, Cotton

How To Tie Mens Shoelaces – Boots, Loafers, Dress Shoes, Sneakers, Suede, Waxed, Round, Cotton

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  1. bc men are incapable of tying a shoe lmao

  2. Jason Williams

    What is your opinion on Xpand No Tie Shoelaces?

  3. Gibert Bermudez

    good thing I don't wear loafers.

  4. Josh De Napoli

    the last boot method she showed looks ridiculous

  5. do not agree with the dress shoes tuck in. Yes, tie the lace so it lies perpendicular to the shoe (not skew) but tucking in shows too much thought as gone into this to pure fashion as opposed to the classical clean but utilitarian gentlemen style and thought.

  6. which converce shoes it is?

  7. Omg i did it wrong all my life omg…. stupid…

  8. Why don't you hide laces on sneakers?

  9. i like to tuck in sneaker's laces too.

    is that ok?

  10. thanks ashley, the boots one is exactly what i was looking for..25 years old still can't properly tie my boots, had to search…anyways subscribe! cheers!

  11. I really love this channel

  12. Who ties sneaker laces?!

  13. Jonathan Edwards

    Hello, my shows only have 2 holes, how do I lace them? Ty

  14. What about high tops (eg. Converse Chuck Taylors)? Would it be advisable to use the same method as the boot?

  15. Mondo Enterprises

    Gee, I guess I can't even tie my own shoelaces. Ouch! Thanks for the info.

  16. I like the idea of tucking in the laces. I'm going to do that now. Thx for the advice

  17. I unsubbed on seeing this, you are making this up as you go right? There is a specific old boy way of tying laces you did 100% wrong. Turn up to my company with your laces and you lost your interview.

  18. I've always tucked in my shoes lace. Didn't even realize it was a thing… just assumed I was one of the few that did cause everyone I know doesn't.

    Better Call Saul !!! Nice one Ashley

  19. Agreed on the tucking of laces. Except I tuck laces for all shoes and boots. Never leave them flopping around. Also, when I tuck the laces I split the tucking. Half on left and half on right. Those laces are hard and painful and too much on one side can become a sore spot. Especially for the dress shoes. I tuck them in and back, towards the underside of the ankles on either side of the ankles. There is a bit of a hollow spot on either side. Feel good all day. Also, splitting the laces doesn't create as visible a bump or obvious direction of tucking on the instep. Split and tuck and the laces practically disappear. Like you just slipped them on magically.

    I would burn those boat shoes. Sooooo many better options than a shoe that begs for someone to take my lunch money. And just an ugly non-flattery shoe. Looks cute on girls. No go for men as far as I'm concerned. Like guys going out, physically leaving the house to anywhere but a beach with flip flops on. Nothing tells a woman that she is on her own if sh+t goes down or her life needs to be saved like a man wearing flip flops on the streets.

    For reference for the sensitive people…No guy should ever wear a deep v neck t shirt also. I personally wouldn't wear v neck at all but if you must, no go on deep v neck. Just because they make certain things available doesnt mean you should wear them. Just some things should never be done.

    Good video. Thanks.

  20. you are something else.

  21. Adventures with Frodo

    guess you were taught wrong. but tying shoes for fashion………

  22. John Shredder

    I am going to kill myself

  23. Demesvar Clerge

    How to tie ur shoes: tie them regularly and super glue the laces

  24. Anthony Peters

    no human ever ties a round on a boot unless in the jungle…. Plus why the f— would any human hide laces. 1 out of 4= F-

  25. ghostboy 1312

    thank you so much! i've been having so much trouble all these years with my laces getting untied all the time. plus this looks way better!

  26. Superb advice as always. One question though… Would you tuck in wax shoelaces on brown leather boots?

  27. Maverick Iceman

    Wow I had no idea that Jimmy McGill / Saul was your client! Awesome. And thanks for the helpful tips!

  28. women are now telling us how to tie our shoes

  29. carlos rodriguez

    Good videos I just subscribe

  30. BTW your small hands in front of the huge men's shoes is the hottest thing I've seen in a long time.

  31. You dress Saul? I always thought the celebrity part in your first presentation speech was made up :p


    Ok ok, idk about you all but I was taught the super weird double knot method where you basically tie a ribbon. Goodness how ignorant I was…

  33. Can I begin with my left arm to tie my shoe laces, instead of with the right as you show it?

  34. baltazar gomez

    You're a genius! I was getting frustrated with my shoes always looking weird. Thanks for the help.

  35. adams donharry

    hmmmm not bad

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