How To Wear All White Sneakers/How To Style All White Sneakers(Featuring New Republic Kurt Sneaker)

How To Wear All White Sneakers/How To Style All White Sneakers(Featuring New Republic Kurt Sneaker)

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  1. Grown man relaxed was my favorite. Where can I get those herringbone trousers?

  2. Thanks Style O.G

  3. Tired of Fools

    Jeff still killing it as always. Congrats on your sponsor, I have full confidence your opinions will remain honest so I support that decision to partner up. Can't wait to see 50K subs and beyond this year.

  4. ow wow..1st sponsor? congrats buddy!

  5. Jeff congratulations! For your first ever sponsorship. Your channel is growing up.

  6. How is the sizing, they run big, small or true?
    How do they compare to Stan Smith’s?

  7. Anthony Johnson

    I was surprised to find that I wear a size 12 in the Stan Smith's.. I'll check out these New Republics and try to get my sizing down with them. They have a nice clean look to them.

  8. Awesome. I really stopped watching other channels because of sponsors, but I truly believe you are genuine and real! Those Stan Smiths are nice, but these new republics are great too!

  9. I have 1 low top sneakers from LV

  10. You killed it with this one!

  11. Ethan Woodbury

    Do a how to wear black jeans vid.

  12. Hey OG. What type of belt would you recommend with the all white sneaker? I know you usually do not wear a belt, but I usually do wear one.

  13. Great video as always, Jeff. Solid selection of outfits, all well-explained. Kudos for managing to bring in a sponsor in an organic way as well (a few more popular Youtubers could stand to learn a thing or two from you).

  14. I was referred to this channel by a fashion writer who said [you’re] creating quite a buzz in the fashion community via You Tube. Indeed, your eloquence, delivery and knowledge are quite impressive. Thank you for sharing your expertise.

  15. i love my All White Sneakers.

  16. Rob Phoenix Music

    Great vid OG. I personally liked the chinos/v-neck look the most and the chinos/short sleeve (see you showing off the guns lol) second. I definitely want to take advantage of the deal for April but I am a bit torn on which "style" I should pick. I am leaning towards "Casual" or "Forward" but wondering what you would suggest? #SaluteOG

  17. Funny, I just brought a pair of all whites this afternoon. Thanks to your vid, I will do some clothes shopping to match them. Great vids, Jeff

  18. Style OG, Saaaluutte!!! Great video. Thank you for sharing. Love the suit and sneaker look. What kind of shirt did you say that was that you wore with the suit? Again thank you.

  19. You must be reading my mind Jeff. Yesterday I wore my khaki chinos and dress shirt with all white sneakers to the office

  20. Kingdom Athlete

    My man great lookbook, Salute my brotha and what was you grooving to in the denim look.

  21. Come on. Give my guy OG more likes. I'm loving the channel. Support!

  22. White shoes go with anything

  23. can you do a video on all black sneakers

  24. mookeychase0907

    Five-Four were my fav jeans like from 2006-2009 they were over a buck…

  25. It's about time some sponsors started throwing some love and respect your way, my friend. I wish you only the best moving forward.

  26. Daniel Renucci

    And I'm subscribed bro, sound content, great advice!

  27. Great video as always. I really do get a lot of value from your videos.

  28. Bertram McCray

    Brother those chinos are all that!!! I’m gonna incorporate olive in my wardrobe. Great video.

  29. I love the 3rd (black jeans) and 4th (V neck), I think sneakers and suits look is a bit outdated and tacky. In my opinion.

  30. What's up Jeff. I definitely rock the white skeakers with a nice suit or a blazer. Sometimes just adding a matching pocket square to the shoes makes another great impact. Another great one!

  31. Those kicks run tts?

  32. Yes sir love the video.

  33. bruh!! im happy to see another good sponsor!! i been considering tryin this one before you made this video. now that i saw this i am gonna try it.

  34. Nice video Jeff style OG.Apparently I got the white zara sneaker and also a member of Menlo Club but I will tell my people to get your link and get the promo

  35. Edet AKA Eddy Brown

    Look # 4 was my favorite but you almost got me with look # 2 if only you had a black jeans instead of the dark denim. My favorite way to dress the All white sneaker is with a pair of black jeans and a grey crew neck. Look# 5 requires at a lot of confidence and I am yet to try it. Overall, you did an excellent job as always.

  36. Hey Jeff, throw me a S A L U T E next video

  37. Hell yeah! I Love sneakers+white sneakers too. I have Common Projects Achilles White sneakers coming to me. They are luxury sneakers in white, high quality and made of leather. Made in Italy.

  38. Damn my man the Style OG is Showing of his CFCF Tats in this Video!! Thats classic still a huge fan Keep up the great Vids

  39. I'm a air force 1 sneaker guy those looks good too

  40. Eye Heart Sushi

    Yo I want to buy that shirt

  41. Brian Bertrand

    Great vid man. Lots of great tips, thanks OG

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